Soon they hit the rocks!

News from Huron, the Famous Resort City on Lake Ontario in NY (Meaning NOT New York City!

So, today is the day that I report to the courthouse to be “a potential juror”. I’ve only been worrying about this for two years when I got out of it because I was sick. Then, two months ago I got the dreaded letter that I had to fill out and return and then one month ago I got the summons and then today I have to be there by 9:15.
The good news is that at the moment it is not snowing. I think it is about 20 miles through the countryside and this has been a horrible winter for snow and of course I’m worrying about blowing snow because it is windy. I’ll have to bring my worry stone.
Paul woke me up on time. OMG! it was dark. I am so spoiled from not having to travel to a job. I get up, pick up the house, get dressed and start on the computer anywhere from 11:00 to 2:00 and only work to 5:00 or 6:00 then eat and iron, sew, whatever while watching a movie and then to bed. The dogs keep me on schedule. Like right now, as soon as I put on my sneakers, all four are lined up at the door because this week my Mother discombobulated me by have a stint put in and I’ve been out every day. Usually I dust the floor with my socks.
What to wear? Nothing formal, no rags, so I picked a sweater, skinny jeans and (believe it or not) matching sneakers. LOL! The sweater is yellow and blue, the skinny pants are blue and the sneakers are yellow and blue.
What to take with me? A book, naturally I’m reading a big hard cover (Phelps and Gorham Purchase by Thomas), teeny weeny stickers for the book because I’m taking a teeny weeny purse, my license, my medical records, and, because I don’t worry, my DNR instructions, two Kleenex, my lorazipam for when I won’t take the oath because I’m a member of the Religious Society of Friends. I may chicken out on that one and a LARGE bottle of Jim Beam for the courtroom because I’m sure the Judge will need it. Oh drats, I thought I would get by the security check without having to put my stuff in a tray but I forgot about the keys. Should I leave my coat in the car so I don’t have to hassle with it? They confiscate your phones so I’ll leave that there. (Not that I ever use it which makes my daughter want to steal my lorazipam.
What a week. Mother is fine and I THINK I almost have a job as the Town of Huron Historian! It pays $.67 per day but I’m excited anyway AND I got my first Social Security check so I’m RICH! My husband is very excited that this will help him pay the bills (he thinks). I sort of celebrated by buyins some more dog-show clothes and shoes and entering Karla into some shows. And, knowing me, I called my handler (OMG he has grey hair now) to stand by for Syracuse and Springfield. The first two are matches and handling seminars so I can pretend I’ve never seen a dog leash before. This puppy is so shy! I took her over to see Mom and there were three other dogs there and my sister and brother-in-law and, as usual, we all have such similar views (not) that when someone started I about the Tea Party and Obama, Karla jumped on my lap and it was three to one and we argued to my coat and gloves and slipped out the door. I have to do some more research so I can back my opinions up. I didn’t even know who the Koch brothers were and I pronounced the entirely wrong way. Well, I should have known…Henceforth keep thy mouth shut on religion and politics! I’m going to be just wonderful working for the town! LOL! That is, if I live through this day or get picked for a trial that is 12 months long. Where is that worry stone???
As usual, my house is a complete disaster because the floor washer is broken and I ordered the parts 1/20 and they shipped them 2/16. I think I need to hire Billy across the street to use his plow in here. Karla’s favorite toys are the dust balls and she looks kind of like a wire fox terrier of a strange color when she comes up to me. I also need to go through Petfinders and pull the Aussies to list on Australian Terriers International. I should get RC involved in that. Some of those people really need his advice and vice versa but I’m not sure how much he uses Facebook. Another favorite place in Dunham Lake Aussies where Karla came from. I can honestly say that with the exception of four people they are my best friends. However, it isn’t time to worry about Colorado yet and stuffing Karla in the air pod. She isn’t going cargo even if I have to cut her legs and tail off.
Well, noodles, that’s the news and all the news from the Miller Zoo in Huron. Visits are allowed – $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. Beds and food extra. But, you ain’t gonna find Huron, NY, anyway. It’s in a black hole although it does have a web site AND MAYBE MY NAME WILL BE ON IT!!!!! They really like me a lot because of my mouth. That was my 10th application. LOL!!!


When I was a youngster and in Girl Scouts we used to sing this song “Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold”. For over a year now I don’t think that there has been a day that I haven’t thought of Ruby. When Ruby and I could physically see each other we only saw each other three or four times a year. When my Hubby and I moved to Northern California she and her partner would come up for a yearly weekend and we would all go wine tasting and they would buy their yearly supply of wine. When we moved to Maine it was Christmas greetings only. She would send her card with sparkly things in it and every year I would curse at myself for being so stupid as to open it so they dumped everywhere and I would have to pick them up!
Then, when Ruby got sick the last time we started corresponding by email and I got closer and closer to her. She was one of the most courageous, cheerful people that I have ever known going through what she did. She was always optimistic. Then she stopped writing and I continued but I knew that I was going to lose her as I knew her. This was confirmed by her husband this week by email stating that she had wished to have a memorial service and get together for friends and family in February.
As I sit here having to stop typing and wiping off the alcohol tears from the top of my dog’s head, I realize that I shouldn’t drink when I’m sad and that I took this passing pretty hard for not having heard her voice for 30 odd years. But if there is Karma, Ruby is going to come back a pretty special person if she does come back.
When I received her husbands email, I already knew what had happened without even reading the subject line. However, I was thrown by the fact that I was one of the elite invited to the memorial. That would be a long, sad, expensive trip. However, I have learned at times like this that sometimes it is better to grieve with others and get it out of your system rather than holding it inside so I decided that it probably would be good for me to attend. Also, Ruby was not the only person that I loved in Southern California. I don’t have too many friends because I have moved so much but the ones that I have, I have held onto without seeing for many years and have held onto them via the written word with once in a while a telephone call. Again, I have moved so many times that almost all of my friends ARE long distance. So, I thought that perhaps there could be more good in the trip that Ruby was giving me.
The big thing is that I’m saving my money to go to Colorado with Karla for her first dog show. This trip would probably cost a good $1,000.00 for the cheapest round trip air fare, hotel for a minimum of two nights, taxi twice from and to LAX and the Hotel in downtown Los Angeles (almost), food and (of course) a good old Los Angeles margarita or two. So, I would want to make it worth it. Since my Hubby’s sister lives in Seal Beach I could maybe stay there. But, she and her Hubby had made plans eons ago to go on a trip so I wouldn’t even get to see them. They, of course, offered the house but a taxi from there would be outrageous! My girlfriend in Anaheim said she would like to get together if I came out. An old friend right by the Hotel didn’t have email and I know that he had been having health problems. In fact, I’m missing two years of Christmas cards from him so I have to get on that to see what is going on. Another close friend said that they were not going to the memorial and perhaps we could meet for brunch. The rest of the group of us I hadn’t kept in touch with. I still loved them but why contact them now?
Thinking about all this makes it even more depressing. These are friends but these are not friends that you can rely on if you are in trouble. Not one of them immediately said “oh! I haven’t seen you for years! I’ll cancel my plans and you can stay here! Please!”
So here we go again. Does this make me a sucker or am I too sensitive or am I just stupid when I hear that other friends from other places are coming here and I say “if you don’t see me I’m going to kill you!” And it really isn’t the money. I have a brother-friend that I love to have stay here. I wish he would move in. I would never ask someone that I didn’t think was close to me if I could stay. Actually, I planned to stay in the hotel but it would have been nice for me to say “nah, thanks very much but really…”
This puts a whole new perspective on the trip. Do I wish to spend $1,000.00 when I know that Ruby would want me to do what I want to do. It doesn’t make me love my friends there any less, but it does make me look at them in an entirely different perspective. What I would do for them is not necessarily what they would do for me. For instance, I don’t think they would come out here if my dog died like I drove to Maine to be with my girlfriend when hers passed unexpectedly. In fact, if my husband died I don’t think they would come out here either because why come out to see just one person? Exactly.
So what would you do?


opening spring & pink 003Summer… Wonderful weather here in upstate New York this year. I just can’t bring myself to start bringing in some income by putting my left-over store things on line. I did put some online in the beginning of June but then went up to our camp and put a message up that I was on vacation and forgot until yesterday to remove the message. People must think I take LONG vacations. But, too bad because I’m going on vacation next week again!
I’ve been working around the house (literally – because I did half of the front today) outside. I got a wonderful pair of grass clippers that run for at least three hours prior to having to recharge them so that I can trim several trees without hurting them. (The trees). I just remember to put on my knee pads and out I go. But, then I have to get the clippers to cut the suckers and a few of the lower brances so Billy can get under them to mow with his mower.
We live in a house that was built in 1887 so I assume that the trees were planted at the same time. They are huge and it breaks my heart to see branches come down or the trees themselves come down in a windstorm. The drumlin that we live on has always a breeze and when it blows, it blows. Earlier we lost a blue spruce to the wind, then a huge arbor vitae and a few branches from the black ash and the maples. Then the town of Huron came and removed several branches so they wouldn’t fall on wires which unbalanced them so that now more branches come down. But they are still lovely and I want to measure a maple and send it in to the record tree size place. This was a good start to the trimming this year.
So several weeks ago I started to work. I dead-headed the rhododendrum (which is about 10 foot tall). Is that what it is called? I know I am a deadhead. Well, it felt like I was picking apples and took two days, then I cut down all of the lilac bushes that were merged into the rhododendron and started using the electric trimmers on the yew beneath the windows which open out unless they are in the way. Unfortunately I thought the guard was the handle so that too care of working outside for a while with 6 slices down my left middle finger and a brace for the fracture.
All healed now, and forbidden to use the hedge clipper for a while by my husband I started removing the vines from the house. I started with the Virginia Creeper. I pulled and pulled until I was across the yard – I just couldn’t believe that they were around our upstairs windows and all over the roof on the screened in porch and up and down the white burch. Kind of fun to try to get them without breaking them. Then I went for the wild grape and felt like Tarzan’s Jane swinging on the arbor vitae. Even though it is a non-native species, I didn’t remove the ivy unless it covered the windows.
I clipped stray saplings and a few hedges and called my nephew to put everything in a pile. I think he will soon be rich.
For the front of the house I started with the cedar tree which is close to my office. My office used to be sunny and I really wanted it that way again so I clipped as high as I could then climbed out the bedroom window and stood on the porch roof to get the higher branches that were brushing the house. As long as I was up there I swept about three inches of dirt off (even found some earthworms!) and removed the moss. Tomorrow I will the tackle the forsythia covering another of my office windows. Again I have called in the troops to help put branches and vines in a pile.
Last week I had trimmed the grass under my climbing rose bush because it had started sprouting all over and I wanted to save as many sprouts as I could.
My daughter brought over morning glories and spread them under horse manure around two tree trunks so I have been busy watering the “green spaghetti”.
Meanwhile I started to move my wicker that should be sold to the second story of my barn and spotted a tiny kitten but couldn’t catch it! I’ve been putting out food but we have so many hawks that I am pretty sad. Especially since we had to put our cat Cady down for kidney stones that very same day.
All this, of course, means that I haven’t touched my paperwork or my blogging.
Good news: I’m getting a new Australian Terrier! I know this means four small dogs but I haven’t had an Aussie for so many years and this breeding was just the one I wanted. The sire is from Finland and the dam from Sweden so perhaps I can get out of the health problems. She was born on July 27 and I can fly out to Wisconsin to pick her up the end of September and I am very, very excited. She is from Dunham Lake Australian Terriers and if you wish to see her then just go to their web site and click on to the web cam and on even numbered days she is the one with the yellow collar. This home kennel picks themes for each litter and this theme was the show “cheers”. They call her Carla. Only they spelled it Karla with a K. So, I looked that up on Google and there is a nice song called “Karla with a K” by the group called the Hooters. So I’m going to call her Hooter.
Meanwhile in our spare moments when we have been on vacation we have been looking for a piece of waterfront property to call our own. After finding one and having the loan approved the bank says “Oops! We made a mistake and raised the interest rate 3 points so we need to think of that investment for a while.
So, obviously I’ve been busy and thought I would let you all know that I still have in the back of my mind that I am supposed to be blogging.
Oh, I did have company from New Mexico for a week two weeks ago. We call each other sister and brother and we graduated together. I think he is my best friend and I believe it is such a good thing to be able to say one thing and the other person’s eyes light up because they know exactle what you mean. By the time he left he had huge circles under his eyes because we stayed up until anywhere from 3 am to 4 am each night. At least I could take a nap while he was driving his 89 year old mother around to see her friends. It really was a blast.
So, I think that most news is good news here my friends and if I make it through a couple more weeks I’ll be back with you. I miss you.