Life Sucks and Then You Don’t Blog

This will be my last blog.  Sorry folks, no more entertainment.  As my Mother kindly said before I left, my writing means more to me than my family.  As my sisters so kindly say – all I do is lie anyway.

They should be pleased to know that I wake up with a sick feeling in my stomach and about noon I cry myself to sleep and then go to bed early.  All their wishes have been fulfilled.  I’m out of town, they will get all Mom’s riches and a pat on the back to them.  Happy, happy, there is no way that I could come back now even if I could.

NO ONE has asked for my address in my family including my daughter with the exception of my husband, I suppose hoping that I will fade from memory.  And all this because of a call to a helpline that had a trainee working on it.

Airing dirty laundry?  You guys deserved it and I didn’t even say a name or a place.  Obviously, blogs are not for the faint of heart.  If we are going to talk about hate and lies then think about what you are saying about me.  Everything I have said I will say again if asked.

Thank you all for listening to my woes.  You can rename me to a name in the Lemony Snikett series.

4 thoughts on “Life Sucks and Then You Don’t Blog

  1. Please, please send me your address, phone number please! I do not want to lose you again! Your blog is absolutely something you needed for you. It’s never been “for” them. They just don’t get it. And please never stop writing even if it’s a daily journal. This is your outlet and your humour through all of this has been amazing. I respond to uncomfortable or hurtful things through humor but you have a gift. I’m so very proud of you and even though it has been so difficult for you, you have made a choice to distance yourself from the negative comments, people, situation. I’m glad you have a friend there to help you. I love you! Take care my childhood/adult friend.

  2. Don’t you dare. I don’t get it. Why are you letting them shut you down? Why are you letting them take away just one more thing from you? I thought the idea of moving was so you could rid your life of the negativity and start fresh. How can you start fresh without your creative outlet? How can you explore your ideas if you cannot get them out to explore? Should you stop reliving the past over and over in your blog, perhaps not. But you can make it what ever you want it to be. It’s yours. Not theirs. Not mine. Yours and yours alone. I for one would hate to see you stop blogging. I think you are a brilliant writer. Please sweetheart do not let them effect your life. Not one minute more. I know you are hurt, and I know it still hurts. But please for your own sake try to move forward. Try to think positive. Try to picture a happy future. You have so many people who love you for you, just the way you are, the way you were and they way you will be. Unconditionally. Let THOSE people (me) influence your life, not the ones who have hurt you so. Honey, no one who knows you thinks you are a liar, so think about it for a second…who cares then that they said that. The people who stand behind you know you are, and always were, telling the truth. You have nothing to prove to us. Or yourself. And you certainly don’t have anything to prove to them because they were there. Just because they are in denial doesn’t make it any less true to those who matter. I know it must hurt, a lot, that no one has yet asked for your address, but did you really expect them to? Knowing what kind of people they are did you really think they would? It hurts me to see you keep trying and trying to reach out to them only to be shut out, shut down and outright ignored. Know that those who truly love you would never treat you that way. Can you please reach out to us instead? I am not suggesting you never try to make amends with your family, I cannot imagine being estranged from mine, what I am trying to say is that right now, you need a little peace, a little kindness and a little time to heal. Please don’t stop blogging. Use the blog to start healing. Don’t make me start a Save The Blog Petition young lady!! Lots of Love Always, Monica

  3. I agree with all of the above. Don’t bother sharing with the toxic people out there. My sister sent stuff to my son, along with another nasty letter. Been going on this time for almost 6 years. 4 times she quit speaking to me, as did my mother (once for 12 years) Each time I intiated the trucee. Now I wonder what on earth for!! There will not be an intiation this time. It takes time, but you will move on, you will let go, you will not be lonely for long, you are your own special person. Keep writing.

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