Taking a break from moving things around in the barn by writing in my blog.  It’s also an excellent time to move all the wicker into another section so that there will be a section for jeep jeep and the snow blower.  The good news is that I found the hanky quilt that I was working on.  Some how, when I was cleaning the house to put it up for sale I stuck it out there.  I guess I thought I was never going to finish it or something.

For some reason I still cannot get into my historian work mail account and hope that no one is needing me for anything!  So, I’ll continue to work on what I have here on the desk, finish that up and go to the office on Monday.

Other than that there is no noteworthy news except that all is well.

2 thoughts on “Breaks

  1. Glad to hear you are back out in the barn!!!! Will clear your mind of some of the cobwebs that have accumulated in it! The mind and the barn! Ha Ha. The historian position will help to clear your mind also, so keep plugging away with it, too. Glad to hear you found your handkerchief quilt. Now, you can take it with your to Maine and work on it up there… your spare time. What “spare time” you are asking…… Well, you won’t have a big house to clean and care for, but now you will have to cook for yourself! Are the owners going to put in the lamainate flooring for you in place of the carpet? How does Karla feel about moving? Be good to yourself as you prepare for the next phase of your life. Love you…..snuggles and hugs.

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