Rainbow Bridge

This post is to all the dogs I have lost through Face Book. All the dogs that I have come to know. Their actions, their looks, their quirks, their illnesses and the love that their owners give them. This blog is the most painful I have ever written because I am thinking back, although I am trying not to. Face Book has such a plus by letting me know the dogs and their owners and their happy times. Their celebrations, their birthdays, their wins if they show. Their people that love them, their silly outfits, how they look when they are a mess and how proud their parents are when they are groomed. All the times that an owner wants advice and all the replies that are received, right or wrong and when one gets sick how everyone kicks in to help and how everyone feels so helpless because there is nothing they can do but give advice. This blog is for all the old ones that have had a wonderful life and all the young ones that have had something horrible happen to them and their friends get sick to their stomach and think, “what if that were my loved one” or “remember when that happened to my baby?” This post is to all the friends that hurt for dogs we have lost through Face Book.

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