Copy from my page in Facebook

Karla and I walked into the house about 20 minutes ago and I think we are going to sleep for a week (except my Dr. appointment tomorrow at . She was almost perfect.  All three airports let her walk on the leash.  I say walk but at the first airport it was kind of like pulling a sitting dog because she didn’t like the leash or the rolling suitcase but in about 3 minutes she started coming around th…at she really didn’t have much choice and started walking ahead of me eyeing the suitcase that was now following me. In the lobby since it was Southwest, they give you numbers (you get a low number if you pay 12.50 so I got in line (we were about an hour early and I figured we would be standing there all that time) and then they called the numbers and I dam# near ended up in Tampa before I realized that that was the flight before mine so Karla and I decided to sit down a the first chair I sat in the people disgustedly looked at me and said the were allergic to dogs.  Then the second place the whole room gathered around her ooooohing and aaaaaahaing and I think I sold the next three litters of Theresa Goiffon‘s (or at least Karla did).  She sat in a little boys lap that was extatic until we boarded.  She was a bit overwhelmed at first and then she started showing off and being the star. On the flight to Chicago, not a peep but I took her out of the bag because she was an “assistance” dog.  (I don’t think they believed me but she was being so good and asleep in my lap so they looked at me funny and said “fine”.  On the second flight from Chicago to Rochester, she was to tired that she stayed in her bag (which was one of those air pod things that converts to a car seat, shoulder bad, hand bag and fits over the handle of your carry on suitcase so you can wheel them both with one hand – highly recommended but don’t turn the combination locks on your new carry on when you get it to see if it works and then look it all over and turn them again because the key is inside and you will have to call the company when you only have an hour to pack). Anyway, on the second flight I gave away the rest of my Jim Beam mini bottles and had one myself (which would have been $5! and they only had Jack Daniels anyway).  I read while flying that you weren’t supposed to bring your own drinks onto the plane but when going through security they were in that clear quart bag.  Did they think I was going to drink all that in the terminal?  Good grief! Planes were running late as usual and I was supposed to land at 2:45 and weirdly enough (to me) leave at the same time on the flight to Rochester so I drank the last bottle and made everyone get out of the way so I could rush to B12.  Then I realized that I was already at B12 and it was the same plane that was going to Rochester so I had to board again. Got home with no problem with Karla zonked out on my lap and my three dogs were jumping up and down and looking like some weird monster because they all had to smell her butt.  Spider was disgusted and walked away because she knew she was going to have to train another puppy again.  Harry It was ecstatic because there was someone to play with and Sam has nipped her twice because she got too close for me which Paul loved and grabbed her and said she was his dog anyway and took her up in his office. As for Theresa and her family, everyone was right.  They were wonderful and I felt so comfortable with Theresa because we had a lot of similar experiences and her girls are wonderful!  No arguments, did what she said with no complaints, were friendly and picked up Karla’s poops.  Rick was really nice but I was a little nervous with him because he was a man.  The cottage at the lake was absolutely wonderful because when we got tired of drinking margueritas (about 3am) she drove me over there and I felt Like I wasn’t intruding and I could think about the day and in the morning look at the lake.  I want to buy it but I don’t think they will sell it. So it’s over with, I have my (Paul’s – ahem) puppy and I’m going to watch a movie and get into my warm waterbed!  Thank you all for your encouragement.  This book has been copywrighted and cannot be used or reproduced except if you want to!

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