Vacation Again Already?

It’s late, I’m tired, off to the Adirondacks again tomorrow for another week. Vacation? Am I actually starting to look forward to winter? Why is it that each year I think that the cold will slow things down so that I have more time when actually it just makes one concentrate on the chores that need doing inside.
The good news is that I will have my adorable baby Australian Terrier at the end of September. The bad news is that I have to fly and get her. Me – who hasn’t been on an airplane since 9/11 and hated them even before that. If I just had part control of the brake when I landed it would help a great deal.
Well, at least I’ve been getting out of the house more so I can get used to seeing other people! I think I’ve been taking my frustrations and the joy of my new grass clipper to excess. The yard is covered with branches, weeds and vines. My poor nephew can’t keep up with putting them into a pile in the front yard which is where they will probably stay until who knows when. My poor forsythia now looks like a palm tree and my cedar tree branches are in the back of my car for my sister to make sachet from it.
I start by pulling the Virginia Creeper off the house. It is amazing to see sunlight when I open my eyes in the morning now. Then I go for the wild grapevines and feel like Tarzan swinging in the jungle until they break somewhere up and there they stay wilted, then brown. Native or not, the ivy stays. The only problem with keeping the ivy is that I have to remove it from the windows by cutting around the window and then, of course, everything above that gets wilted and brown again but sunshine into the basement? Unheard of! Now I can see those nasty cobwebs down there. We also have another weed that I have been removing that I have no idea what it is. The leaves are in threes (don’t worry – not poison ivy) with two small and one large, together looking like an arrow. It gets pretty purple flowers and bright red berries but I’ve yet to see a bird eat one so I have no idea if they are poisonous, which is why I’m removing them because of my new pup “Hooter Patooter”.
Then I come in exhausted and do one piece of paperwork and maybe one telephone call, head to Facebook to keep up with my Australian Terrier International friends, and then it is time to work on my quilt and watch a movie.
Notice how much time I have alloted to putting antiques onto eBay and Etsy so I can get rich? ACK! I’m getting old and tired or the days are getting shorter. One or the other or both.
Well, have a nice, safe week and keep safe!

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