view from camp

view from camp

Last evening we (my Hubby, three dogs and a cat) returned from a week off the grid at our camp in the Adirondacks. It’s about a three-hour drive. Long enough to be tired but short enough that you have time to pack or unpack, feed the furry kids and read some of your email before crashing into bed.
The journey up there was not very auspicious. Paul got out of work at about 2 pm. I had already packed and we were started out the door when Paul’s cell rang. The jerk answered it and, of course, it was a problem with something at work so I took a nap. An hour later we were just starting out the door, had everything loaded (including the furry kids) with the cat screaming in her crate and his Sister drove in. We hadn’t seen her for a while so we had a good visit but you know…
Off we go. An hour later we reached Mexico, NY, where we have made it a habit to get out at McDonalds, stretch our legs and get a drink or whatever before getting on to 81. I had driven so I talked Paul into going in and getting the order because all I wanted to do was pull back the seat, stretch my legs and close my eyes. He was back surprisingly fast, got into the car and said “I forgot my wallet.” So, I said “where is it?” while looking in the dash. He replied “home”. All rightee then, I had one credit card in my purse and enough cash to get something to eat so we would just have to go to an ATM when we got to Harrisville. I turned around to get my purse but it wasn’t there. I said “I forgot my purse”. We sat there for a few minutes digesting this and deciding what to do. There really wasn’t much choice so back we went for the forgotten items.
Paul wanted to sleep the night home and start out early in the morning but being the worrier that I am I said we were going before something else happened. So in a coma we turned around and back we went being very carefull to take the new Carthage exit instead of the new Camp Drum exit which we had done the last time and which meant you had no choice but to drive up to the gate and get a lecture about how unauthorized people can’t go into the camp.
About 30-40 minutes later we were at the camp. I hate arriving after dark because it is off the grid. The only lights until we unpack the batteries and hook them up are the headlights and there are two locks to undo. Accomplishing this, Paul hooked up the battery and I hauled a few things from the car tripping over every rock and root and falling into every hall to the steps. Going inside I lit the oil lame on the first try, lit the gas refrigerator on the first try and Paul lit the gas water heater on the first try. Bingo! Things were looking up. Got every thing inside despite one of my dear little furry children wrapping his flex lead in a nice braid with the other two flex leads and then running around one of my legs and a small tree. Meanwhile, Cat is still screaming in her crate.
Cady the Cat loves it up there but she does NOT like to travel. Spider the Rat Terrier, for some reason in older age, has developed car sickness so she rides behind one of the front seats under the back seat headrests. The back seats are both folded down for more room even though we have a teeny tiny trailer we use. This leaves Sam the Yorkshire Terrier x Skipperke x Fox Terrier the luxury of the small cozy dog bed and HarryIt the Jack Russell x Border Collie on a duffel bag or pile of sheets or someplace soft.
Any way, we were there, fed the kids and we all piled on each other in our one and only bed. Aside from having dreams about frogs that counted (I woke up and the frogs were going full force so this is the reason for that) I slept very well but remembered to cut the dog’s nails the next morning.
It was a wonderful week. We are on a 12 acre pond owned by my Mother. All four of us girls have a camp. I have a mobile home. We planned it so no one else would be there and there was only “quiet” (except the frogs, tree frogs, squirrels and two dumb birds; one of which sings only one note and the other of which can only sing the first bar of “Here Comes the Bride” over and over and over. It was wonderful with no radio, no T.V., no computer, no phone (unless I used the paddle boat to go to the middle of the pond for reception). Nice trip home and no problems. All is normal and I received great news today so it was a SUPER trip!

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