Roses and Snake-Skins

Although my very favorite colour at the moment is pastel pink, and although I was born a boy and I shouldn’t like it, it is and I do.  I was born at the Cherry Point, NC, Military Base in 1951.  This was after my Dad came home from the Philippines, re-inlisted and was serving in North Carolina.  Dad drew a picture of the front of a theatre for my birth announcement and sent it out to his friends.  You can also see that due to Item #6, the reason why I came out a bit strange.  That and the fact that Dad so wanted a boy that his mates at the base tied a blue ribbon on my hair (which, of course, made me a boy).

My Dad had a great sence of humor.  I believe, of all the family, I inherited his traits the most.  Unfortunately, I also inherited his health.  Well, genes will be genes.  So, since my Dad was so artistic I’ll have to show you another easy project that I did when I had time.  When was that?

As I stated in my last post: “I love mirrors”  My poor husband has been putting up and taking down mirrors for 40 years now.  Each time we move or each time I get a new one (when you put up a new one you have to change all the others around) he has work to do.  I don’t feel too sorry for him though because he doesn’t have to do it.  When I get out the hammer and he hears the first pounding he runs right down and grabs it from me.  How can I ever learn to hit the nail on the head without practice?

This was a paint and glue project.  The mirror was all gilt and because of its age the gesso carvings were falling off.  However, it was beveled and it had character and it had flowers.  I loved it.  I put a nice undercoat on it after removing all the loose bits of paint.  Then I used the color of my walls for the base color and gold for the trim.  I used gold oil paint.  Although I have some gold leaf that I purchased at a yard sale, I save that for very, very special occasions.  I then painted the roses and the leaves but this left it quite obvious that about half of the gesso roses had fallen off.   So…








because I display all my items that I may be used in a project (if it’s too ugly to display then I don’t want to use it) I found my fabric roses easily.  The nice thing about displaying items like these is that when you need an idea, all you have to do is turn your head!

As you can see, there is a bottle containing a shedded snake-skin right next to the roses just waiting for a project.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to use snake-skins in your art?

I glued (using white glue) some roses on the frame where I could see that the gesso roses had fallen off.  I can see that I probably should use more on the bottom left but I love it the way it is and I don’t believe anything that is perfect.

Let me know about the snake-skins!


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