Ghost Mirror with a Hat

This week – an easy project (you will laugh) and an easy post covering some hard work.








I always buy mirrors at garage sales, especially if they are white.  If they aren’t white and need fixing up I paint them the color of my walls so all you see is the mirror.  They bring in so much light and make your rooms look so much bigger.  However, they are pretty cold so I warmed this one up with a hat and veil.  The benefit of this is that you can stand in front of the mirror and see if you look good in this hat!  (just kidding)  See how simple that was!  Looking at my picture I think I see a ghost.  I do know there is one or more here in my office but we can talk about that later.

Again, I am in the middle of cleaning.  Once I looked around my house and saw that everything was getting dusty again and the floors needed buffing and cleaning again, I decided that it was time to go out to the barn and take a look at the shop.  All winter (as is normal) I had logged in things that I wanted to sell and attached prices on them.  Then I hauled them out to the barn and set them in the most convenient place.  Barns are very chilly in the winter, very chilly in the spring, too, so I didn’t stay very long out there unless I had a customer.

When I went out I noticed that, of course, everything needed dusting.  I also noticed that my pet chipmunks had put kernels of corn, a few walnuts (where did they get those?  We don’t have walnut trees!) and various other eatables into my change slots in the cash drawer.  The only other real damage was that for some reason the chipmunks thought that a certain color and a certain material of a certain quilt was either yummy or needed for a nest.  I may get extra for this quilt now, seeing as it has holes where a certain color used to be.  Well, I sort my items anyway so this item will now go out of the vintiques and into the yard sale pile.

Where to start?  I supposed that it would be easier to just take one thing out of one box and take care of it not looking at everything and getting depressed.  I used to do that with the wood pile when we were heating the house in Maine with only wood.  I would look at the woodpile that had to be moved into the cellar and get so depressed!  I learned that if I focused on only one piece of wood at a time that before I knew it the pile would be in the cellar!  So I took a lovely Early American Pressed Glass from the top of the box to put on one of the glass shelves.  Oh dear!  First, I needed to move that entire shelving unit outside because it was plastic and would be perfect for yard sale items, then I needed to put the glass fronted huge wood shelving unit where the one had been because it was narrower (and longer) and people would have more room to look.  But, of course, since I was moving all the glass off the shelves of the unit that was moving, I had to dust all and sort all, move the wooden shelving unit where the plastic one was and then arrange all.  Aside from the new shelving unit, I also have another narrow but wide unit that has 5 shelves and one that has deep but smaller shelves.  Since I’m starting to convince myself that I have OCD, I needed to put all the vases, glass used for eating, footed glass, covered glass and odds and ends together, dusting them all.  This took all of yesterday and today but it does look nice and shiny and it looks like I have all new inventory.  People like to think that I’m constantly buying so that they should come back more often.  Why come back when you have the same old stuff?  I also finished the pottery rearrangement and dusting, vacuumed that room and then came into the house.  I have to say it was cold out there also!  Especially when working with something like glass.  After all that work, I actually emptied only one box of new things.  Ouch!

I have my year opening on Memorial weekend so I have to be clean and tidy by then.  Today was the first day that I actually hung my “open flags” on my trees and kept the barn door open and turned on the lights.  I think it was too cold though.  I didn’t see a soul so got lots done but was very lonely.

What is tomorrow?  Who knows.  I’ll just close my eyes and pull out another item.  Could be kitchen Klutter, linens, paperweights, tools, men’s stuff, books, or Christmas items for all I know.  This job is SO exciting!


2 thoughts on “Ghost Mirror with a Hat

    • I have bad reception in my area. Really enjoyed reading about your antiques / business. @ barn. I had similar idea before husband died of cancer 14 yes ago. Many challenges since @ old barns here in very bad condition. 1873 limestone house needs lots of work inside @ out. It is sound @ has always had family living here. Need funds @ creative ideas. It is very frustrating trying to use this phone. Very nice to meet you @ God Bless you. EF

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