Dome, Sweet Dome

Sometimes I write in my Blog (what a horrible word – it sounds like a flat animal!) about business and sometimes about art or beauty.  This time I’d like to show you some little things I put together from other little things.  These little things seem to create themselves.  Here’s one of them:








This little thing has no purpose other than to brighten my office and cheer me up.  It started with cleaning the guest bedroom.  When I picked up the antique hand mirror it fell apart so I saved the celluloid from the front and back of the handle and the mirror itself.  I love mirrors and I put this one on a small table in my office to catch and reflect the light.






I also had purchased, years ago, a cast iron note holder.  I may yet paint it.  I tried to use it but kept stabbing myself even if I put an eraser on the tip.  I still liked the design on the base (which is why I still may paint it) so I thought if I put it on the mirror and covered it with one of my stray domes it would brighten it up and I wouldn’t stab myself.








Thinking that the cast iron was a bit depressing until painted (I AM going to paint it) I decided to add a little sparkle.  Looking in my sparkle bin I found the Christmas tree decorations that were given to me one Christmas from my best girlfriend who lives in Anaheim, CA, and who had visited the World Trade Center in Los Angeles and purchased the Jewish stars.  Aren’t they beautiful?  And they just fit perfectly into the dome.  You see, things arrange themselves.








To top it off I found a lamp finial that I had painted to match a lamp shade but that had ended up a little gaudy and I had put away.  I needed something that would rest on the top of the note holder and bring some color into the arrangement and guess what?  It fit perfectly into the dome!

Easy!  It made itself.  No glue, no having to purchase anything and putting to use some things that should not have been hidden in drawers because they were so beautiful.  And best of all – I only need to dust the dome!

So tell me about your easy projects!


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