A Clean House Makes A Real Nag

The great news is that I am really, really making headway here at the home front and the store front!  The bad news is that I don’t have enough time to tell you about it!  Here is the latest…

I’ve cleaned the Dining Room:

And, I’ve cleaned the stairway and the upstairs Hall:  (then added some mirrors for more light)








When I recovered from my dust allergies I cleaned the Living Room:  (but then sold the Grandfather Clock, HooRay!)

And what I call the “entryway” from the enclosed front porch (which I haven’t touched yet):

Which was easy so I cleaned the Laundry Room:

So now, after I do the dishes I’ll get a picture for you of the clean kitchen, then I’ll finish waxing the floors and get a picture for you of the spare bedroom so that I can do the upstairs bath, my husbands and my offices and the enclosed, open and screened-in porches.

When I get tired of sneezing I label stuff from my last haul.  Since then I’ve had two people come to sell things so I added a few more labeling projects.  The Real-Estate Agent is on stand-by for when we are ready for pictures and then I can go out and dust the barn things and hopefully sell a lot while I’m waiting for the house to sell.  What do you think??


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