Dogs and Things

As usual for our home, we seem to be having a power struggle.  Between the dogs, not the humans, this time.  I wrote about our journey to South Carolina to pick up “Harryit” and my battle to get rid of the worms that she brought with her.  No wonder she was such a teeny tiny thing.  Our Vet says that her sample still shows Giardia in her system but since she has no outward symptoms she is not treating her as the medicine is almost as bad as the bug.  Unfortunately, I read some articles on the web that explained that once you get Giardia in your yard it is impossible to remove so they went on to say “please don’t let your dog dig, eat grass, walk in, etc., the yard”.  Right.  Well, we’re trying to move so we just won’t tell the potential Buyers.  Or is that something that you have to disclose?  “Have your pets living here ever had giardia”?  Well anyway, she is growing now like a weed and last week she weighed 5.5.

Have you ever watched a puppy grow?  This is the third time I haven’t gotten a show puppy but I still cringe when the front legs grow and then the back legs grow and then the ears look huge and now she looks like a sausage because just her back is growing.  At least her feet are all pointing in the right direction.  Sam is a LOT easty-westy and I’m still trying to groom him because I’m sure that EVERYONE can see that!   How silly.  As far as I know, he could be part turtle and the feet SHOULD look like that.  I rescued an Aussie with a foot that was so turned that she would wear the skin off so we had to get special leather booties for her.  When I was screening for homes for her the first question was “are you a hiker?”  With Aussies, my usual first question is “do you have Oriental rugs?”  They are such fun dogs, the Aussies, but you really need a sence of humor with them.

Oh, back to the power struggle.  Now that “Harryit” is growing my “Sam” who is part Yorkshire Terrier, part something large and part turtle has started to act like a man.  Sam the man.  Poor little Harryit can’t get within three feet of me.  (luckily she is P’s dog) and every time she picks a toy Sam goes and takes it from her.  She really isn’t very threatening!  She flops on her back and screams every time she sees him.  I am so tired of spending my time running to her because I think she is dying.  They will mesh though.  Harryit is like greased lightning and once in a while out of the side of my eye I see a toy flying upstairs into P’s office.  His floor is covered with balls, disemboweled (Spider does this) stuffed animals and various other things she thinks are toys, like my socks.  Sam, being of the male sex is a bit slower.  More cuddly but as usual, slower.  Both he and Spider pretty much stick around me.  Sam is always at my feet on the upholstered foot stool and Spider follows the sun.  When my office runs out of the sun she moves upstairs onto the carpeted register.  The cat, Cady, stays on her bed on the dining room table.  I had to put it there because since Harryit can’t pick on anyone else she started liking Cady’s tail and trying to catch it.  Cady boxes her but has no claws and Cady is way too old to be boxing.

And, just to show you that I haven’t just been sitting on my duff….I’ve started cleaning house with taking my knick knacks to the sink and washing them.  See how bright and shiny they are now?

My desk is full again.  Is there any hope? 

Shiny, clean living room doo-dads on chest from Red Creek.

This bark cloth and ticking was in my closet.  I’m labeling it to take out to the store.

So I’ve been busy as usual.  Still logging things in from my Red Creek Haul.  Look at this stuff.  The only things mine are the pink coat hanging on the chair and the pink and black soft star shoes.  And, it’s like Where’s Waldo finding those!

Right, so I’m off to do more like wash windows, label and save puppies!  Noodles!

3 thoughts on “Dogs and Things

  1. These photos are positive proof why I would never make it as an Antique Dealer!!!! I like things neat and tidy…..a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Guess I am too picky.

    • Ahh but Darla Darling, I know exactly where everything is in each and every box unless I’m looking for it! Read on for my next update!

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