Dancing With the Dogs

I think I’m deciding that I don’t like miniatures much anymore.  I love their size because you can display so many and I love to look in teeny-weeny dollhouses to see how “they” live (it’s the voyeur in me – when I’m riding in the car at night I always try to see into the houses when we pass.  The houses always look much more cozy than mine, so, I like it when you don’t close your curtains.  Remember that.)  To label and catalogue miniatures for the store a box of them is like labeling and cataloguing an entire room of furniture.  No matter, the fun part is that when I get a box of miniatures at an auction I savor going through them and seeing the surprises.  Even the buttons have neat little pictures on them and there is always an item or two that I stare and stare at to figure out just what it was used for.  The box that I have been doing all day contained buttons and pin backs, little animals, tiny tins, a wee little crocheted basket and all sorts of other neat things.  It’s just that for most of them I spend so much time on the web trying to put the right price on them!

Yesterday I spent most of the day outside.  I decided to straighten out the shop so that people could walk in and be able to see everything.  However, I got this very very long bench that had to go somewhere so I decided to do something with the buffet.  At one time (1930’s), this buffet must have been beautiful but during the years it had been mended a couple of times and it looked like someone had left a plastic doily on the top in the sun and then tried to remove it with a drill!  The drawers and cupboards were still functional but the veneer was just horrible.  It also looked like someone had left it outside for a week or two.  When the people brought it in and asked me if I wanted to buy it, I said no thank you because I could never sell it and it would take up so much room.  However the woman kept saying she didn’t want to throw it away and the man told me that all I had to do was refinish it (ALL?).  I still said no so they told me just to take it.  Then I felt guilty (as I always do) and gave her a pair of Christmas earrings because I supposed I could use it as a display table after I covered it with an antique tablecloth. 

When I got the bench I decided to dump the buffet.  How sad :o(  I dragged it out of the barn doors and decided to definish it instead.  Maybe I could use the parts.  I’m always getting things in that need veneer repairs in little tiny places so I peeled off the mahogany as much as I could with a spatula.  I needed one of the door hinges for a washstand so I removed the hardware.  Then I pulled out the wheels with a pair of pliers.  After that I decided to take the moulding because you never know when you are going to need it.  I also kept the doors.  And then I decided I liked all the curly woodwork decorations so I removed them.  I dragged it out to the side of the road.  It was much lighter but the more I look at it the more I think that I’ll go out tomorrow and remove the legs.  HA!  Then a customer came in today and gave me $25 for the hardware!  I’m in the money!  Now I know how to run an antiques store.  You just take everything apart and sell it in pieces. 

Unfortunately, although I’ve been cataloguing all day I’ve only almost finished with what was in the office.  On the front porch, which is enclosed, are all the things that we hauled from the house in Red Creek.  Since this is taking so long I’ve decided to clean part of the time also and the first step was to take all my knick knacks to the sink and wash them.  This is the only way to dust those things because when you bring them back they are so sparkly.  However, I didn’t realize how many I had.  I thought I kept most of the stuff under glass but it appears not.  So I washed each and every chandelier crystal that was displayed in a bowl and then each and every glass stopper that was displayed in another bowl.  (occasionally I will need one – funny how I never seem to have the size that I need.  It’s like all the keys I have saved.  They never fit the lock I need them for)  So, the house looks a bit worse at the moment because I may as well not put them back when I have to wax the furniture that they will be going back on. 

Meanwhile, my paperwork is backing up again.  I haven’t paid any bills that are due, in fact, I haven’t read any of my mail.  The only things I look at are the movies that I get from Netflix.  They are desperately needed before I go to bed.  Right now I’m watching another year of “Foyle’s War”.  I’m going to hate it when that ends.  Only last week I felt bad that I would never see the characters in Deadwood again.  After watching a year of those episodes it would take me a week to correct my language…  But, I think it was a great series.  I wish they would have asked me before they cancelled it.  After Foyle’s War I get to watch the first of Annie Lenox’s concerts.  I do love that voice and she always sings what I am thinking.  Sometimes she even makes me cry.  I used to play her CDs a lot when I had my Borzoi.  She was just the right size to put her front paws on my shoulders and we would dance around the house.  All I have are little terriers right now so I’ll have to dance on my knees.  They will love that!  LOL!

Well, I do believe that the barbecued chicken that my husband is cooking is finished and there is nothing as insulting as keeping the cook waiting so….


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