A Week in the Land of Oz


Well, it’s been a week I think and writing just once seems to lessen the pressure .  I actually logged in all my flow blue (which can be very easy or VERY hard).  I have two good books on flow blue that I can look through and find the patterns.  But, the patterns don’t fit the names so much so that I have to go through the book and look at all the pictures so that I can label it as “unidentified pattern and maker”.  BLAH.  However, a lot of them have the pattern name right on their back and the maker.  Hopefully, it is clear enough to read it.  Then to a box of books.  Very easy as, of course, they are all labeled.  However, I still have not decided how to find the date of publication on some of the 1800 novels that don’t have any dates printed in them.

I also scanned about 100 photographs.  I’m trying to get all my albums onto CD’s.  They take up less room this way.  Most of the photographs that I’m doing right now are of my beginning days of showing Australian Terriers and my first breeding of them.  Believe me, those puppies are so cute that I really can’t blame myself for staring and staring and then taking pictures of the sweeties.  In my spare time (lol) I was able to rename several of them and to crop and edit them.  Oh, I was so slim and young then!

AND, I ironed.  I ironed the bark cloth curtains that I’ve planned on hanging in the living room for ages and my head now has a nice crispy, smooth pillowcase to lay on and I have lots of summer shirts to wear.  It looks like I haven’t ironed since last summer.  I had a hard time finding my lavender oil so that I could make lavender water to spray the items with.  This makes them smell yummy and they are so much easier to iron when they are damp.  When watching a movie I started my mending.  I have a few tablecloths, etc, that need minor repairs before I take them out to the shop.  Lots of laundry done also but, I’m usually pretty good at that.

My taxes are finished.  Hooray!  Both income tax and business sales tax are done.  I’m sure my accountant will have a few questions but the first draft will be sent probably tomorrow.

Two large loads of merchandise were moved from Red Creek to here.  Ugh!  More logging in of things.  However, we are down to only one more load.  Two huge bookcases and 8 dining room chairs (4 captains) that are quite light because they all have caned seats.  While there, I also purchased a few minor items from the tables that were going to be their yard sale.  Treasures to me but junk to them.  My husband and I moved quite a few heavy items and need a break for about a week before we move any more.  Luckily we have a hitch on the Forester because for some reason the Jeep won’t start.

Now that I look up and take a break I see that I never did don my hip boots and go around the yard and the culvert to pick up trash that people drop.  They don’t usually drop it in my yard but we are on a very windy hill (I think there is an air stream from the lake to here) and things west of us end up here while the stuff here ends up in the horse pasture east of us.  We really don’t need 11 acres for a yard.  Really.  We’ve rented out about 6 of them  to a small-time farmer which cuts down on our mowing but I would like a field right up to the house, thank you.

I also look around at all the dust and cobwebs and think about Miss Haversham.  I’m trying to hire one of my sisters to please clean for me just once so that I can catch up and put the house on the market again.  I see on Facebook that my family has had lots of birthdays this month and lots of parties.  Happy birthday to all those kiddos that I missed sending greetings to.  I hope they had very big and special cakes to share!

Harriet is finally cleansed of her worms I hope.  She is getting much bigger and must weigh about 6 lbs now.  What a motor midget!  She is on the go all the time until she just plops to the floor and passes out.  Not much trouble though because she plays with the other dogs and seems too occupied with them to chew furniture, etc.  However, once in a while I see her out of the corner of my eye rushing by with one of my husbands slippers which is about as big as she is.

Pretty soon I’m going to have to go out to the shop and get it ready for opening for the season.  Talk about dusting!  Last month I opened the cash drawer to get some change for some buyers and the penny holder was full of corn kernels.  I thought that chipmunks slept in the winter!  I also have to wash and put up screens.  Oh my, I’m tired already just thinking of all this stuff.  Time flies so quickly now that I feel like I just finished doing them and here it is, time to do it again.  Same thing only different as they say.

Speaking of different and adding in my luck, our “home town” pharmacy sold out to Rite Aid.  What a pain.  I had called in some prescriptions to the old place and had to go to Rite Aid to pick them up.  They only had one, which was fine for the moment, so I paid my lot and brought it home.  Of course you always get a whole bunch of paperwork attached to the bag.  I pulled out the prescription.  It was fine with the right dosage, name, etc on the bottle.  Whoopee!  Someone had done something correctly for once.  I read all the good and bad stuff on the information sheet and tossed it because I had been taking that prescription for quite a while.  One last sheet was the “customer identification confirmation sheet”.  I hadn’t seen one of those before so I read that my name was now Arthur Smith, I lived at a different address, I was 7 years old and had a different telephone number.  Of course my birthday coincided with being 7 years old.  My insurance company had changed and had a different identification number.  Nice.  It dawned on me that since I had this person’s sheet someone else had mine and now knew everything about me.  So, of course I called Rite Aid and asked for the pharmacy Manager.  The manager sounded like he was about 18 and asked me my name and birthdate.  Cute.  He then said that this should never have happened.  So, I asked what he was going to do about locating my information.  He said that he would talk to the clerk so it didn’t happen again because those sheets were supposed to be confirmed and then tossed.  He told me that I should have read it.  I replied that I hadn’t checked the number of pills in the bottle either and what was he going to do about locating MY information.  He asked me what I wanted him to do.  I told him that for starters he could provide me with one year of identification identity insurance.  Since he had never heard of that he, of course, gave me the number of the district office in Rochester.  So, I asked for his name which he told me.  Then I asked for his birthdate and he said that he would not give me that information.  I told him “point taken” and called my attorney so that he can write and straighten it out.  And this guy deals with drugs???  Yeesh, and they wonder why so many mistakes are made.

I’ve used this attorney so many times since I’ve moved to NY that I told him that he may as well move into the spare bedroom.

Have a wonderful week and to make me feel better, do all the things that I’ve listed and write and tell me so that I will have some incentive to do them myself!  Noodles!

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