Stuff = Time

    I have decided that this is way to much work.  I’m going to write only on Wednesdays.  I’ll call it the Weekly Wednesday Words so that I can wemember what day I’m supposed to write.   It’s just that I have one of those lifestyles that I’m constantly being interruped so then I get way off track and lose my whole point!  I also can’t seem to get caught up on anything because everything takes so long to do!  We have dinner guests coming on Sunday who are going to have to step over boxes of china, glass, books, etc. just to get to the dining room.  Actually, just to get through the  front porch.  AND I now have an appointment to pick up a car load and a trailer load of the inventory that I purchased last week.  They have to go in the house so that I can price and clean them because there is no water in the barn and even though it looks, sounds and feels like summer I have to remember how cold the barn stays through Spring.

AND, what is this about New York State and small businesses?  I’m starting to thing that I’m not wanted.  I just got my notice that I have to file my yearly sales tax by March 20th (which I had totally forgotten).  Luckily I do a month end one all year but why March?  Don’t they realize how confusing that is when every other year end is from January through December?  And why is it March 20th when personal taxes are April 15th?  And you should see the forms.  Four pages when the state of Maine only requires one.  Did you all know that New York has different percentages of sales tax based on where you are?  Then you get into the exempt sales, etc.  Oh my aching head…  Wouldn’t it be easier for small businesses to file yearly at the same time and covering the same time as persons?  Then you could get out all your stuff at one time and file.  If your business taxes are filed under your social security number do you file your paperwork from March to March or January to January?  The number of boxes that I have to stuff in my closet (even though I throw away seven years ago) is overwhelming.  Actually, I stuff them in my husband’s closet because most of his clothing can be cramed into drawers.

Speaking of which besides chests and drawers full of clothing and bark cloth material our bedroom closet has a linen closet filled with old blankets and bedspreads and pillowcases and sheets and pillows and rugs.  There is a huge chest full of quilts.  A large bamboo chest full of white jacquard and quilted coverlets, a large cedar chest full of white chenille bedspreads.  The bottom of the waterbed has four drawers full of bark cloth and there are old suitcases filled with old crib blankets and miscellaneous bedding.  There is a large closet that holds two fold out futons, all my shoes, games and all my hanging clothes plus a shelf all around that holds duffle bags, suitcases, purses, my roller skating suitcase, my riding helmet in a bag and two briefcases.  The other large closet holds pillow foam, all my sewing equipment, quilting pieces and material, stacks of chenille bedspreads, etc that either are in there to be used for crafts or to be mended.  It also has a large shelf with all our 40 years of pictures, including all my dog show things with room enough to put the presents that I buy people to save for this years christmas.  My folding clothes are in my three dressers.

In the spare bedroom is another chest of jacquard and quilted blankets, two dressers for guest clothing after I move all my sweaters out of them and a large closes with our winter coats, shoes, gloves, hats, etc, unused pictures and mirriors that I’m not yet ready to sell and a shelf holding the guest rooms pillows, blankets, etc.

Paul’s office, as I said has a closet holding all those stupid tax proof items, a row of shirts, suits and blazers and a shelf for his hats, briefcases, etc.  He has two dressers in there holding his folding clothes.

Why is then that I can name off from here what is in those closets but yet if I go upstairs for a particular item I can never find it?  Isn’t life just full of things to eat up your time?  And me, a Quaker, who is supposed to believe in the simple life and in few possessions.  I have to SELL, SELL, SELL and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE or I think I’m going to go crazy

I’ve been pricing all of my flow blue which means having to find the pattern names and the companys that mad the items so that I can look up them to find a price.  This took half a day yesterday to price just a dozen things.  Perhaps I should just stick a sticker with a random price on them.  People are just going to try to dicker the price down anyway.  One time I put a brick on a shelf for $50.00.  This was before I had my store and was having a garage sale.  There were a few people that caught the joke but most people just looked it over and put it dowm.  I was pricing books on the computer just the other day when I found someone selling one of my books for $25,000.  Don’t I wish!  I wrote the Seller and he wrote back to tell me it was a pricing error.  Darn.

Well, I’m off to the races.  Noodles!

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