Dogs and Things

As usual for our home, we seem to be having a power struggle.  Between the dogs, not the humans, this time.  I wrote about our journey to South Carolina to pick up “Harryit” and my battle to get rid of the worms that she brought with her.  No wonder she was such a teeny tiny thing.  Our Vet says that her sample still shows Giardia in her system but since she has no outward symptoms she is not treating her as the medicine is almost as bad as the bug.  Unfortunately, I read some articles on the web that explained that once you get Giardia in your yard it is impossible to remove so they went on to say “please don’t let your dog dig, eat grass, walk in, etc., the yard”.  Right.  Well, we’re trying to move so we just won’t tell the potential Buyers.  Or is that something that you have to disclose?  “Have your pets living here ever had giardia”?  Well anyway, she is growing now like a weed and last week she weighed 5.5.

Have you ever watched a puppy grow?  This is the third time I haven’t gotten a show puppy but I still cringe when the front legs grow and then the back legs grow and then the ears look huge and now she looks like a sausage because just her back is growing.  At least her feet are all pointing in the right direction.  Sam is a LOT easty-westy and I’m still trying to groom him because I’m sure that EVERYONE can see that!   How silly.  As far as I know, he could be part turtle and the feet SHOULD look like that.  I rescued an Aussie with a foot that was so turned that she would wear the skin off so we had to get special leather booties for her.  When I was screening for homes for her the first question was “are you a hiker?”  With Aussies, my usual first question is “do you have Oriental rugs?”  They are such fun dogs, the Aussies, but you really need a sence of humor with them.

Oh, back to the power struggle.  Now that “Harryit” is growing my “Sam” who is part Yorkshire Terrier, part something large and part turtle has started to act like a man.  Sam the man.  Poor little Harryit can’t get within three feet of me.  (luckily she is P’s dog) and every time she picks a toy Sam goes and takes it from her.  She really isn’t very threatening!  She flops on her back and screams every time she sees him.  I am so tired of spending my time running to her because I think she is dying.  They will mesh though.  Harryit is like greased lightning and once in a while out of the side of my eye I see a toy flying upstairs into P’s office.  His floor is covered with balls, disemboweled (Spider does this) stuffed animals and various other things she thinks are toys, like my socks.  Sam, being of the male sex is a bit slower.  More cuddly but as usual, slower.  Both he and Spider pretty much stick around me.  Sam is always at my feet on the upholstered foot stool and Spider follows the sun.  When my office runs out of the sun she moves upstairs onto the carpeted register.  The cat, Cady, stays on her bed on the dining room table.  I had to put it there because since Harryit can’t pick on anyone else she started liking Cady’s tail and trying to catch it.  Cady boxes her but has no claws and Cady is way too old to be boxing.

And, just to show you that I haven’t just been sitting on my duff….I’ve started cleaning house with taking my knick knacks to the sink and washing them.  See how bright and shiny they are now?

My desk is full again.  Is there any hope? 

Shiny, clean living room doo-dads on chest from Red Creek.

This bark cloth and ticking was in my closet.  I’m labeling it to take out to the store.

So I’ve been busy as usual.  Still logging things in from my Red Creek Haul.  Look at this stuff.  The only things mine are the pink coat hanging on the chair and the pink and black soft star shoes.  And, it’s like Where’s Waldo finding those!

Right, so I’m off to do more like wash windows, label and save puppies!  Noodles!

Dancing With the Dogs

I think I’m deciding that I don’t like miniatures much anymore.  I love their size because you can display so many and I love to look in teeny-weeny dollhouses to see how “they” live (it’s the voyeur in me – when I’m riding in the car at night I always try to see into the houses when we pass.  The houses always look much more cozy than mine, so, I like it when you don’t close your curtains.  Remember that.)  To label and catalogue miniatures for the store a box of them is like labeling and cataloguing an entire room of furniture.  No matter, the fun part is that when I get a box of miniatures at an auction I savor going through them and seeing the surprises.  Even the buttons have neat little pictures on them and there is always an item or two that I stare and stare at to figure out just what it was used for.  The box that I have been doing all day contained buttons and pin backs, little animals, tiny tins, a wee little crocheted basket and all sorts of other neat things.  It’s just that for most of them I spend so much time on the web trying to put the right price on them!

Yesterday I spent most of the day outside.  I decided to straighten out the shop so that people could walk in and be able to see everything.  However, I got this very very long bench that had to go somewhere so I decided to do something with the buffet.  At one time (1930’s), this buffet must have been beautiful but during the years it had been mended a couple of times and it looked like someone had left a plastic doily on the top in the sun and then tried to remove it with a drill!  The drawers and cupboards were still functional but the veneer was just horrible.  It also looked like someone had left it outside for a week or two.  When the people brought it in and asked me if I wanted to buy it, I said no thank you because I could never sell it and it would take up so much room.  However the woman kept saying she didn’t want to throw it away and the man told me that all I had to do was refinish it (ALL?).  I still said no so they told me just to take it.  Then I felt guilty (as I always do) and gave her a pair of Christmas earrings because I supposed I could use it as a display table after I covered it with an antique tablecloth. 

When I got the bench I decided to dump the buffet.  How sad :o(  I dragged it out of the barn doors and decided to definish it instead.  Maybe I could use the parts.  I’m always getting things in that need veneer repairs in little tiny places so I peeled off the mahogany as much as I could with a spatula.  I needed one of the door hinges for a washstand so I removed the hardware.  Then I pulled out the wheels with a pair of pliers.  After that I decided to take the moulding because you never know when you are going to need it.  I also kept the doors.  And then I decided I liked all the curly woodwork decorations so I removed them.  I dragged it out to the side of the road.  It was much lighter but the more I look at it the more I think that I’ll go out tomorrow and remove the legs.  HA!  Then a customer came in today and gave me $25 for the hardware!  I’m in the money!  Now I know how to run an antiques store.  You just take everything apart and sell it in pieces. 

Unfortunately, although I’ve been cataloguing all day I’ve only almost finished with what was in the office.  On the front porch, which is enclosed, are all the things that we hauled from the house in Red Creek.  Since this is taking so long I’ve decided to clean part of the time also and the first step was to take all my knick knacks to the sink and wash them.  This is the only way to dust those things because when you bring them back they are so sparkly.  However, I didn’t realize how many I had.  I thought I kept most of the stuff under glass but it appears not.  So I washed each and every chandelier crystal that was displayed in a bowl and then each and every glass stopper that was displayed in another bowl.  (occasionally I will need one – funny how I never seem to have the size that I need.  It’s like all the keys I have saved.  They never fit the lock I need them for)  So, the house looks a bit worse at the moment because I may as well not put them back when I have to wax the furniture that they will be going back on. 

Meanwhile, my paperwork is backing up again.  I haven’t paid any bills that are due, in fact, I haven’t read any of my mail.  The only things I look at are the movies that I get from Netflix.  They are desperately needed before I go to bed.  Right now I’m watching another year of “Foyle’s War”.  I’m going to hate it when that ends.  Only last week I felt bad that I would never see the characters in Deadwood again.  After watching a year of those episodes it would take me a week to correct my language…  But, I think it was a great series.  I wish they would have asked me before they cancelled it.  After Foyle’s War I get to watch the first of Annie Lenox’s concerts.  I do love that voice and she always sings what I am thinking.  Sometimes she even makes me cry.  I used to play her CDs a lot when I had my Borzoi.  She was just the right size to put her front paws on my shoulders and we would dance around the house.  All I have are little terriers right now so I’ll have to dance on my knees.  They will love that!  LOL!

Well, I do believe that the barbecued chicken that my husband is cooking is finished and there is nothing as insulting as keeping the cook waiting so….


These Boots Ain’t Made for Walkin’

Another beautiful day in Huron and I sit here at the computer for most of the day trying to identify patterns and makers of glass.  What fun.  There have to be courses for this sort of thing somewhere because I think I can now tell the difference between cut and molded.  (Molded has a seam line)  Flint glass is heavy.  Forget the maker unless it’s Heisey which used to mark their glass and as for the pattern, I figure if you get the pattern you can eventually find the maker.  To find the pattern you just have to look up what it is like waffle, reeded, triangle, pineapple, falling blocks, hobnail, fan, and on and on or a combination of those.  Then you join a glass group that “for members only” will help you to identify it.  Uh huh…  I was able to find three out of 20.  How do you see whether it is EAPG (Early American Pressed Glass) or modern and what is the difference between pressed and molded and how can you tell the difference?  I decided that no one cared anyway and hopefully if they did care they would tell me what the pattern was themselves.  It’s much easier just to label them “salt and pepper shakers”, etc.  Perhaps I’ll lose money, perhaps I’ll earn money but at least I won’t be sitting here looking up glass patterns for weeks on end.

So, to cheer myself up I hauled some garage sale stuff into the cellar and brought up the wheels we need to move the bookcases in Red Creek and dug out the screens which need to be washed before installed.  Then I put my brand new boy’s size 4 hip wader boots on and headed to the creek that surrounds our property to pick up trash that blew in through the winter.  I have learned that even if it looks like a small amount that I have to bring a large trash bag with me and sometimes even that isn’t enough.  However, this would be the first year that I could get the trash out of the middle of the creek because I had hip waders.  After filling up half of the bag with what looked to be my entire garage sale of last year (it was very windy that day) I headed for the middle of the creek to get the floating styrofoam.  I noticed that the frogs were out which was comforting because that made me not so alone and the creek is somewhat stagnant and slimy in places and I hate to imagine just what is in there besides Giarda.  Three steps and I sank slowly to the ankles, faster to the hips and then to the waist.  I don’t know if you have ever used hip boots before (I hadn’t) but I now know that if they get full of water it is very, very cold and your foot creates a suction to the boot so that you are just plain stuck.  So, I sat down with a splash thinking I could get the boots off that way but it didn’t work so I jumped up really fast because of the things that may be in that slime.  Thank the Lord for trash barrels because one had blown down there and I was going to haul it up when I was done with the styrofoam.  I wonder if my husband would every find out that I had drowned and sunk in our back yard?  Luckily, I was able to hang on to the barrel and get one foot (with the boot on) out and then the other.  It seemed to take forever to climb the hill back to the house with a trash bag half full of garbage and two trash barrels (I found another) and my boots full of water.  We now have a cedar tree with upside-down boots hanging and clothes that smell like a frog in the laundry pile.

Golly, two fun things for the day.  I remember when I was little and I used to have to walk (here it comes) miles and miles to and from school.  Some of those miles were walking across the soccer field and then over the sty on the fence (that was fun).  This one time it was mud season like now and I was walking across the field and my foot got stuck in the hole that used to hold the soccer goal poles.  I lost my little red boot and hobbled home.  I don’t really remember what happened when I got there but I do remember walking back with my big sister to dig out my boot.  I kept thinking of that when I was up to my waist in water and it made it very important to me to get my boot out as well as my foot.

I had a client come to the store today which was also a very nice break from the computer.  As per usual, the barn was 30 degrees colder than the outdoors and when I opened the register drawer there was the usual pile of corn kernels in one of the change holders.  Some time I’m going to give kernels for change and see if anyone notices.  I really need to get out there and clean.  I mean, who wants quilts that are buried in dust and glass ware that you can’t see the colors of?  However, I have so many other things to do.  My husband said he would help but he ended up working for a couple of hours (all day) so of course he couldn’t.  What is it with husbands anyway?  He either works or sleeps.  Once in a while, though, he cooks wonderful dinners.  Which reminds me I haven’t eaten.


A Week in the Land of Oz


Well, it’s been a week I think and writing just once seems to lessen the pressure .  I actually logged in all my flow blue (which can be very easy or VERY hard).  I have two good books on flow blue that I can look through and find the patterns.  But, the patterns don’t fit the names so much so that I have to go through the book and look at all the pictures so that I can label it as “unidentified pattern and maker”.  BLAH.  However, a lot of them have the pattern name right on their back and the maker.  Hopefully, it is clear enough to read it.  Then to a box of books.  Very easy as, of course, they are all labeled.  However, I still have not decided how to find the date of publication on some of the 1800 novels that don’t have any dates printed in them.

I also scanned about 100 photographs.  I’m trying to get all my albums onto CD’s.  They take up less room this way.  Most of the photographs that I’m doing right now are of my beginning days of showing Australian Terriers and my first breeding of them.  Believe me, those puppies are so cute that I really can’t blame myself for staring and staring and then taking pictures of the sweeties.  In my spare time (lol) I was able to rename several of them and to crop and edit them.  Oh, I was so slim and young then!

AND, I ironed.  I ironed the bark cloth curtains that I’ve planned on hanging in the living room for ages and my head now has a nice crispy, smooth pillowcase to lay on and I have lots of summer shirts to wear.  It looks like I haven’t ironed since last summer.  I had a hard time finding my lavender oil so that I could make lavender water to spray the items with.  This makes them smell yummy and they are so much easier to iron when they are damp.  When watching a movie I started my mending.  I have a few tablecloths, etc, that need minor repairs before I take them out to the shop.  Lots of laundry done also but, I’m usually pretty good at that.

My taxes are finished.  Hooray!  Both income tax and business sales tax are done.  I’m sure my accountant will have a few questions but the first draft will be sent probably tomorrow.

Two large loads of merchandise were moved from Red Creek to here.  Ugh!  More logging in of things.  However, we are down to only one more load.  Two huge bookcases and 8 dining room chairs (4 captains) that are quite light because they all have caned seats.  While there, I also purchased a few minor items from the tables that were going to be their yard sale.  Treasures to me but junk to them.  My husband and I moved quite a few heavy items and need a break for about a week before we move any more.  Luckily we have a hitch on the Forester because for some reason the Jeep won’t start.

Now that I look up and take a break I see that I never did don my hip boots and go around the yard and the culvert to pick up trash that people drop.  They don’t usually drop it in my yard but we are on a very windy hill (I think there is an air stream from the lake to here) and things west of us end up here while the stuff here ends up in the horse pasture east of us.  We really don’t need 11 acres for a yard.  Really.  We’ve rented out about 6 of them  to a small-time farmer which cuts down on our mowing but I would like a field right up to the house, thank you.

I also look around at all the dust and cobwebs and think about Miss Haversham.  I’m trying to hire one of my sisters to please clean for me just once so that I can catch up and put the house on the market again.  I see on Facebook that my family has had lots of birthdays this month and lots of parties.  Happy birthday to all those kiddos that I missed sending greetings to.  I hope they had very big and special cakes to share!

Harriet is finally cleansed of her worms I hope.  She is getting much bigger and must weigh about 6 lbs now.  What a motor midget!  She is on the go all the time until she just plops to the floor and passes out.  Not much trouble though because she plays with the other dogs and seems too occupied with them to chew furniture, etc.  However, once in a while I see her out of the corner of my eye rushing by with one of my husbands slippers which is about as big as she is.

Pretty soon I’m going to have to go out to the shop and get it ready for opening for the season.  Talk about dusting!  Last month I opened the cash drawer to get some change for some buyers and the penny holder was full of corn kernels.  I thought that chipmunks slept in the winter!  I also have to wash and put up screens.  Oh my, I’m tired already just thinking of all this stuff.  Time flies so quickly now that I feel like I just finished doing them and here it is, time to do it again.  Same thing only different as they say.

Speaking of different and adding in my luck, our “home town” pharmacy sold out to Rite Aid.  What a pain.  I had called in some prescriptions to the old place and had to go to Rite Aid to pick them up.  They only had one, which was fine for the moment, so I paid my lot and brought it home.  Of course you always get a whole bunch of paperwork attached to the bag.  I pulled out the prescription.  It was fine with the right dosage, name, etc on the bottle.  Whoopee!  Someone had done something correctly for once.  I read all the good and bad stuff on the information sheet and tossed it because I had been taking that prescription for quite a while.  One last sheet was the “customer identification confirmation sheet”.  I hadn’t seen one of those before so I read that my name was now Arthur Smith, I lived at a different address, I was 7 years old and had a different telephone number.  Of course my birthday coincided with being 7 years old.  My insurance company had changed and had a different identification number.  Nice.  It dawned on me that since I had this person’s sheet someone else had mine and now knew everything about me.  So, of course I called Rite Aid and asked for the pharmacy Manager.  The manager sounded like he was about 18 and asked me my name and birthdate.  Cute.  He then said that this should never have happened.  So, I asked what he was going to do about locating my information.  He said that he would talk to the clerk so it didn’t happen again because those sheets were supposed to be confirmed and then tossed.  He told me that I should have read it.  I replied that I hadn’t checked the number of pills in the bottle either and what was he going to do about locating MY information.  He asked me what I wanted him to do.  I told him that for starters he could provide me with one year of identification identity insurance.  Since he had never heard of that he, of course, gave me the number of the district office in Rochester.  So, I asked for his name which he told me.  Then I asked for his birthdate and he said that he would not give me that information.  I told him “point taken” and called my attorney so that he can write and straighten it out.  And this guy deals with drugs???  Yeesh, and they wonder why so many mistakes are made.

I’ve used this attorney so many times since I’ve moved to NY that I told him that he may as well move into the spare bedroom.

Have a wonderful week and to make me feel better, do all the things that I’ve listed and write and tell me so that I will have some incentive to do them myself!  Noodles!

Column Gone to the Dogs

No doubt about it.  It’s just plain a wonderful day to be inside.  Even going through my “in” basket is a great thing (so far).  No appointments, hopefully no visitors and only one telephone call so far.  I’m getting my rest from that whirlwind trip down to SC to pick up my Husband’s pup which he has named officially “Dirty Harryit” (Harriet, for short).  She wants you to make her day and she is smarter than a whip.  She sleeps under his chin.

As I’ve been moving my collector and antique books out to the barn (unless they involve repair, cleaning, etc) I’ve tried to read each one so that perhaps I can learn something.  At the moment I’m reading a huge one on Frederik Carder.  Glass is not one of my favorite items because I didn’t grow up with someone who found it interesting and I find them so hard to identify but these books are clearing up a few things for me.  I can at least identify what type of glass it is and am becoming more familiar with glass terms.  There is a glass seminar coming up in March (I believe) at the Corning Glass Works that I would be interested in attending.  Especially since this is where Carder spent most of his inventive time with glass colors.

Growing up with something makes such a great deal of difference.  All I wanted to do was to be around animals.  I wanted a dog and a horse so badly that it hurt.  We did have a cat but when my father developed allergies my Mother just shut it out and hoped it would go away.  Not so.  The cat and I would cry from both sides of the glass to each other.  When he disappeared, I found out later that he has died under the neighbor’s porch.  I was allowed turtles and crayfish that I caught in the creek though.  One was missing his arm and I promptly named him Captain Cook.  But, of course, taking them from nature, they would always die.  One time when we were at our camp in the Adirondacks I caught a handful of those teeny-weeny frogs, put them in the ashtray for the 2.5 hour drive back home, opened it up and they were dead.  Tears again.  While my Dad was remodeling our house I got a baby wild bunny.  I let it loose in my room but the duct work to the furnace was not there so it went into the hole and fell down into the furnace.  My Dad took the furnace apart because I was crying so hard but the Bunny was too injured to save.

My neighbors had a litter of beagle puppies which whelped in their cellar and they gave one to me.  I named him Freckles but they changed it to “Pete”.  When he got Distemper another neighbor (Miss Porter) noticed he was caughing so she took us into the Vets.  The Doctor said he would probably die unless I got him to eat and drink so after school I would go to the grocery store with my allowance and bring ground beef home for him.  He ate, lived and years later my Mother let him come inside our house.  I bought a box of puppies for 25 cents once at an auction but my Mother made me take them back too.  Believe it or not, the Auctioneer gave me my money back.  Probably because I was crying so hard.  There was a horse training facility across the road and for some reason, my Mother let my older sister go over but I had orders not to get close to a horse.  I snuck over there and paid the trainer 10 cents to be able to sit on Flowerbasket between her lessons.  Had I been able to learn how to ride I would not have had any trouble when I was in my 40’s and finally bought one for myself.  Unfortunately the first one chased me out of the pen and the second one (a mustang) threw me over her head about 6 times.  I never did completely get my balance because I was so afraid of being dumped.  Of course the horse felt my nervousness and acted accordingly.   Well, I went through a sting of them, finding one very old swayback Arabian that was wonderful and that I rode for about three years but he was so old that I donated him to a place that used him as a therapy horse.  My last is over to my daughters getting what he deserves because he acted like a terrier and I’m done with them.  I love them, I love to watch them and I’m jealous of all the people who ride them without being afraid of being dumped.  So, you see, I really do think that had I have been allowed to ride when I was young that I would have had no fear and would be an accomplished rider now.

When I was in my 30’s I purchased an Australian Terrier (hence the Aussie-Magic Vintiques name) who I took to obedience class.  Eventually I started taking her to conformation shows but I didn’t purchase her for conformation, was learning how to groom her and was up against so pretty savvy owner and professional handlers.  Finally, she and I got her title because she was in the ring following a friend of mine and the just bubbled with her head up and prancing along and got her conformation title :o)  She even got a Canadian Conformation and Obedience title and an AKC Championship.  She was the sweetest!  The first time she was shown she went to the judge and rolled over on her back for her tummy to be rubbed.  She did tricks, too.  All you had to say was Pillow! and she would run over so you could put your head on her.  When my father died it broke my heart to give her to my Mother for company but Lucy didn’t mind.  What she wanted to do most of all was to be fed and have her own person.  She had nice walks with Mom and I really think it helped my Mom a lot.

Well, it looks like this column went to the dogs!  Noodles!

Stuff = Time

    I have decided that this is way to much work.  I’m going to write only on Wednesdays.  I’ll call it the Weekly Wednesday Words so that I can wemember what day I’m supposed to write.   It’s just that I have one of those lifestyles that I’m constantly being interruped so then I get way off track and lose my whole point!  I also can’t seem to get caught up on anything because everything takes so long to do!  We have dinner guests coming on Sunday who are going to have to step over boxes of china, glass, books, etc. just to get to the dining room.  Actually, just to get through the  front porch.  AND I now have an appointment to pick up a car load and a trailer load of the inventory that I purchased last week.  They have to go in the house so that I can price and clean them because there is no water in the barn and even though it looks, sounds and feels like summer I have to remember how cold the barn stays through Spring.

AND, what is this about New York State and small businesses?  I’m starting to thing that I’m not wanted.  I just got my notice that I have to file my yearly sales tax by March 20th (which I had totally forgotten).  Luckily I do a month end one all year but why March?  Don’t they realize how confusing that is when every other year end is from January through December?  And why is it March 20th when personal taxes are April 15th?  And you should see the forms.  Four pages when the state of Maine only requires one.  Did you all know that New York has different percentages of sales tax based on where you are?  Then you get into the exempt sales, etc.  Oh my aching head…  Wouldn’t it be easier for small businesses to file yearly at the same time and covering the same time as persons?  Then you could get out all your stuff at one time and file.  If your business taxes are filed under your social security number do you file your paperwork from March to March or January to January?  The number of boxes that I have to stuff in my closet (even though I throw away seven years ago) is overwhelming.  Actually, I stuff them in my husband’s closet because most of his clothing can be cramed into drawers.

Speaking of which besides chests and drawers full of clothing and bark cloth material our bedroom closet has a linen closet filled with old blankets and bedspreads and pillowcases and sheets and pillows and rugs.  There is a huge chest full of quilts.  A large bamboo chest full of white jacquard and quilted coverlets, a large cedar chest full of white chenille bedspreads.  The bottom of the waterbed has four drawers full of bark cloth and there are old suitcases filled with old crib blankets and miscellaneous bedding.  There is a large closet that holds two fold out futons, all my shoes, games and all my hanging clothes plus a shelf all around that holds duffle bags, suitcases, purses, my roller skating suitcase, my riding helmet in a bag and two briefcases.  The other large closet holds pillow foam, all my sewing equipment, quilting pieces and material, stacks of chenille bedspreads, etc that either are in there to be used for crafts or to be mended.  It also has a large shelf with all our 40 years of pictures, including all my dog show things with room enough to put the presents that I buy people to save for this years christmas.  My folding clothes are in my three dressers.

In the spare bedroom is another chest of jacquard and quilted blankets, two dressers for guest clothing after I move all my sweaters out of them and a large closes with our winter coats, shoes, gloves, hats, etc, unused pictures and mirriors that I’m not yet ready to sell and a shelf holding the guest rooms pillows, blankets, etc.

Paul’s office, as I said has a closet holding all those stupid tax proof items, a row of shirts, suits and blazers and a shelf for his hats, briefcases, etc.  He has two dressers in there holding his folding clothes.

Why is then that I can name off from here what is in those closets but yet if I go upstairs for a particular item I can never find it?  Isn’t life just full of things to eat up your time?  And me, a Quaker, who is supposed to believe in the simple life and in few possessions.  I have to SELL, SELL, SELL and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE or I think I’m going to go crazy

I’ve been pricing all of my flow blue which means having to find the pattern names and the companys that mad the items so that I can look up them to find a price.  This took half a day yesterday to price just a dozen things.  Perhaps I should just stick a sticker with a random price on them.  People are just going to try to dicker the price down anyway.  One time I put a brick on a shelf for $50.00.  This was before I had my store and was having a garage sale.  There were a few people that caught the joke but most people just looked it over and put it dowm.  I was pricing books on the computer just the other day when I found someone selling one of my books for $25,000.  Don’t I wish!  I wrote the Seller and he wrote back to tell me it was a pricing error.  Darn.

Well, I’m off to the races.  Noodles!