Worms, Quilts and ZZZZZZZZZ’s

Well, a nice quiet evening with only two dogs here as P has taken Harryit to her first Veterinarian appointment.  She must have something wrong with her because they just called and told me that he had left her medication on the counter when he left.  I’m pretty sure that she needed a wormer.  Now we’ll put my dog knowledge to the test.  Yep, Coccidiosos.  I HATE them.  Marta, Spider and Sam got them once because a silly wabbit made her nest in their dog yard and before I could catch them, being terriers, they had partly eaten two baby wabbits.  I then had to put a crate over the nest and dig a small hole under it for Mama Wabbit but, unfortunately the worms pass from Wabbits to dogs.  Most other species cannot pass them to dogs.  I had another puppy that had it when I got her also.  They say it is from dirty conditions but although that may be true in some cases, I don’t believe it is true in all.  Now I’ll have to take in a sample of the other dogs because if one has it they usually all have it.  It’s also hard to test for because the worms go into a dormant stage where the tests don’t see them so you must have a test every few weeks until you are sure the dogs are clean of them.

I have been cataloguing quilts and coverlets all day today.  I keep thinking that the last items were the hardest and that I shouldn’t have any trouble with the rest but now I’m finding out that it is difficult to date a quilt because you have to be very knowledgeable about material, then if you see a spot or stain you have to try to take it out.  You have to measure them so that you know what size bed they would go on.  (a dead giveaway of a newer quilt is when it would fit a queen or king size bed since they haven’t been around so very, very long).  Hmmm.  I guess it would be long for a young person but for us old folks they are newbies.  Then you have to find out what pattern it is so that you can sound like you know what you are talking about and check for holes so that you can put “as is” on the tag so that the Buyer doesn’t  come back to you and tell you they want their money back because it has a teeny hole even thought it is 100 years old.  My goodness, I’m 60 and you should see me!  Happily, I only have three to go and I will actually have a chair for company to sit in and visit me in my office :o)

Tomorrow is going to be pretty busy also.  I have a cleaning appointment with the Dentist (shudder) in the morning and will be hosting the Huron historical Society meeting here in the evening.  And, guess what?  I’m not going to clean :o)  The meeting was cancelled last month when it was supposed to be here and the house has just been getting dirtier and dustier since then.  I’ve warned everyone to wear their gasmasks if they are allergic to dogs, cats or dust.  (I’m not going to warn them about the worms though!)

I’m making this short and sweet this evening or you will have zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s all over the rest.  Thank you for reading, friends.


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