Exhausted but Still Ticking

Really, it isn’t as if I’ve been busy.  It’s just that there are not enough hours in the day that I am able to do things constructively.  On a regular basis I get up in the morning and have to feed the dogs and the cat and let them out to do their thing.  Then I have to do my thing at which time I also study my glass, pottery, jewelry, etc. books so that I can cram some more things into my head that I can forget when I need them.  This means that about 9 am I clean myself and grab a bite to eat.  So, about 10 am I am ready to go to work on my new and old merchandise or just do paperwork.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking about all the things I’m not doing, such as my taxes, cleaning, or just plain picking up things although today I decided that I’m not going to pick anything up any more because when I put them away I can never find them again.  When I start to do one of the above I get a telephone call asking me to open up the shop or asking what something is worth or just asking how I am.  An hour passes which makes it about 11 am and I start to read my email, go to face book and check my states on WordPress.  This makes it about 1 pm when I really, really am hungry, after which I really, really need a nap.  At 2 pm I have more email to answer and usually do a load of laundry after which I have about one hour to actually do some paper work before I have to feed the dogs, get some sustenance myself and realize that I am too tired to do any more.  I then collapse and watch a CD and then it’s time to go to bed.  So, what happened to the day?  I didn’t get anything at all done!

I mentioned that one of our dogs passed away so three days, at least , were spent looking for 1) a baby female, 2) of terrier origin, 3) with hair that sticks out all over and 4) near enough to have transported or go to pick up.  When I had my choices made there were about 5-6 applications to fill out for rescue groups because I promised myself that this one will be a rescue.  Applications take forever to complete because they need to know everything from your sexual habits to your feelings about insects.  When you finally send the applications in you feel like you at least have a chance for the puppy.  Then comes the first reply that states that I have a cat that is 18 years old and is not up to date on its vaccinations.  I reply that I’m not going to kill my cat with over vaccinating it and send reference links that explain the dangers of vaccinations to cats that are ancient and never come in contact with other cats.  Their response is that they don’t care.

The next response is that the pup has already been adopted.  The next two never even get the courtesy of a reply.  Finally you get a response that states that you may have the pup as soon as they have met me and approved me.  Of course, this pup is in South Carolina.  I call my daughter and we’re off by early Saturday Morning, pick up the dog and return by Monday Evening.  Gee, nothing done over the weekend but the drive south and north.

Next I catch the flu and am down for the count until yesterday when a person calls to tell me that he is cleaning out his father’s house because he has passed awa y and would I come to make an estimate on the contents of the house.  So, at the moment, what I am is exhausted and will write more tomorrow.


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