Fun Things From Maine

I have to admit it.  I’ve been playing instead of blogging along like usual.  After Miss. Marta, My Australian Terrier’s heart gave out at our feet last week, all I wanted to do was nothing.  However, my office cannot keep going on like this.  One more pile on the desk and the desk will fall through the floor onto the furnace and then we’ll either freeze or blow up.  So, since I had logged in the second Vodka box which consisted of most of the things that I purchased in Maine, I decided to photograph them individually this time.  This way if I wish to put them online to sell, the pictures will have already been taken.  As I do this blog I will also be editing the photographs.  My apologies for any blurry items.  Really, there was no earthquake – it was due to my familial tremor.  It seems to get worse in times of stress and I’m very much missing my friends in Maine.

Isn’t it terrible that the older you get, the harder it is to make close friends?  I was 18 when my Husband, Daughter of 1.5 years and I flew out to California to live with nothing but what we could carry on the plane and carry in the cargo.  I couldn’t even take my dog, Pete.  My Dad took us to the airport and it was horrible because I think my daughter thought that he was her father and vice versa.  Since we had no money we took the red-eye and daughter had a terrible earache all the way.  She was sad to leave and she was in pain.  Luckily the plane wasn’t crammed and she was able to have two seats beside me to lie down.  Of course, this could have been due to the fact that no one wants to sit next to a crying infant and they all moved to the other side of the plane.  I wonder if the pilot noticed the tilt.

My husband had found a nice “fish bowl” for us.  I say fish bowl because in California a lot of the apartment building are built with the “halls” on the outside with a railing on one side and the apartments on the other.  The large apartment windows were on that wall so that when anyone was coming and going to their apartment they could look in and  if you wanted any sunshine you had to keep the curtains open.  The apartment was fully stocked by Husband with a set of used dishes, silverware and pots and pans, a used table with 4 chairs, an arm-chair and couch, two beds and a shower curtain.  But who cared?  18 and full of the excitement of being on our own!  It took me a while to find a job and when I did we needed a babysitter.  So, we enrolled her in a preschool which watched her until we could pick her up and in the evenings we would go and clean the school for her tuition.  When she was about 5 she was able to walk the three blocks from there to home.  Be still my heart!  When I think of her doing that now I almost pass out.  We found friends by:  1) Picking up a hitch hiker who stayed for three months (well he didn’t have a place to go!); 2) Meeting his friends and 3) meeting a woman at my new job who is still one of my very closest friends.

I suppose that proves why older and wiser people take longer to make close friends.  Someday you shall get the stories on 1) and 2).

Well, I actually had a good week and sold one of my chairs that I advertised on Craig’s List and had people in and out of the barn who purchased an oak dresser and a few small things.  I must be doing something right because when I look back to January of last year there is absolutely nothing!  The following items were what I found in Maine on the few shopping trips that we made to Salvation Army, etc.

So there we have the fun and games of Maine (part of it anyway).  If you run your cursor over the pictures you will get a description.  If you want any information regarding any of them or if you can help me identify any of them I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.  Now for taking them to the shop, arranging them and having someone fall in love with them like I did.


2 thoughts on “Fun Things From Maine

  1. Your finger bowl is Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) GRATED DIAMOND & SUNBURST, George Duncan & Sons, Line #20,x. 1895.
    Love your blog, very much enjoy hearing of your adventures.
    Very, very sorry to hear about Miss Marta.

  2. Well thank you for the information! Why is it that I can pour over all these glass books for the pattern and never find the one I’m looking for and you can just retain all this stuff in your head? LOL Thank you also for your condolences. I’m going to have LOTS of stories on our search for our next fur baby :o)

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