The Vodka Box

Hi readers, I’ve been tackling the “Skol Vodka” box which has items on top and items leaning against it to be logged into the Aussie-Magic Vintiques inventory.  I’m also having a brain-dead day (it must be the cloudy weather).  i.e.  I pick up an item and stare at it as if it was going to tell me its name.  What is it?  Why can’t I think of the name?  Jar? Jug?  Oh, you know…Ewer?  So, I end up so frustrated that I take it upstairs to my husband who looks at it and says “urn”.  Grrrrrrrr.  And I’ve had so many pleasant interruptions that I’ve only logged in two items.  No wonder I never get anything done.

I’ve advertised an antique sofa and three chairs on Craig’s list and had several replies.  First I delete the scams that are trying to trick me into sharing my email address.  Usually Sellers and Buyers send their mail to each other via Craig’s list.  Then I go for the questions.  Most are for dimensions of the items.  I should have thought of that and put it into the listing but I didn’t so I go out to the shop and measure (take the sofa) from the front of the arm to the back of the arm, from the front of the Sofa to the cushion on the back of the sofa, from the floor to the bottom of the sofa, from the bottom of the sofa to the top of the cushions, from the bottom of the sofa to the top of the arms and from the bottom of the sofa to the top of the back of the sofa, from the left of the arm to the right of the arm.  Luckily, it has been warmer than usual so that I can do this without mittens.  The problem lies in the fact that there is so much stuff out there.  To get some of the measurements I have to crawl under an inlaid kitchen table, between the barn sliding door and the couch and then between a buffet (that is in very bad shape) and the sofa.  The sofa is somewhat stuck between those two pieces and I would have to open the sliding door and push really hard on it to move it out to the center of the room.  Of course the center of the room is only about 2′ x 2′ because it is so crowded.  Finally my fingers are frozen and I come back to my computer (the chairs were easy!) and send the measurements out to the potential Buyers.

Two people reply.  One wants the measurement from the front of the cushions on the seat of the sofa to the back of the cushions on the sofa.  The other says he is going to come tomorrow morning to look it over.  I go out to the barn and get the measurements and I never hear from or see either one of them again.  So, another lesson learned…get telephone numbers so that they feel a bit more obligated or at least they let you know if they aren’t coming.  So, how many hours did I put into that?  Well, at least I know the measurements now if someone requests them again AND, I did get responses from Craig’s list which is always good.  Things like sofas and chairs aren’t really candidates for eBay because they are too large to ship.  Foot traffic in this weather is non existant since I’m out in the sticks.   I’m still thinking on whether I should try out eBay again after 6 years with all of their new policies or if I should try out Ruby Lane.  What I should do is when I do this blog and give pictures of each item I should do the pictures individually so that I can also use them for online selling.  Sure is going to make a long blog!

This is a pretty sad household at the moment.  One of our dogs came in and dropped dead at our feet two days ago.  We got her from a Breeder free because she had a major murmur.  The Vet rated it #5 out of #6 with #6 being a dead dog so we knew what we were in for.  We took her into a Vet specializing in canine hearts and after millions of dollars he explained that she had a hole between the left part and the right part of her heart so the problem was the blood going into both sides at the same time.  We let her have a normal life.  No keeping her in crates or walking slow on a leash.  Her only problem was she, for some reason, was never able to be house trained.  She was 10 so I guess we did a good job but it is always so hard to lose a member of your family, especially when your family is so small like ours.

Well, no more moping – back to the inventory!  I would say “only x amount to go” but I’m afraid to count the number in this box.  Maybe I should have taken the box filled with the Vodka instead of being empty so I could fill it with things from Maine!  Oh well, my cheer is “Aussie-Magic Vintiques or nothing!”  LOL


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