What? You Doubled the Price?

I am finally getting back to normal (what is normal?) after my trip.  Miss Marta, my husband’s dog,  is still not feeling very well and my dog, Spider, still hasn’t had her blood results returned yet and Sam is starting to relax.  I’ve finally been logging in things.  I spend at least one hour for each item, trying to figure out what the most recent selling price is for each.

One of my friends said I was crazy to have mentioned that I charged twice the price that I paid for Good Will/Salvation Army items.  I’ve been thinking about that all day.  I can’t figure out why, if something is really worth $100, and I paid $1.99, someone would be insulted or angry that I only charged around $4.00.  There are many Dealers that are obnoxious in the fact that they go around bragging about how much they ripped someone off.  I think that is insulting and really not the reason why a person would buy and re-sell antiques.  All I want to do is make a living.  If I spend gas money to go somewhere and look at an item and try to talk the Seller into a reasonable price and then, if I can purchase it, return home, clean up the item, and spend at least an hour pricing it, I think that I am doing this because I love antiques.  I do mark things up.  For instance the metal things that are being purchased for salvage and that I know will be melted down and things that I love and don’t want to really part with.

I’ve almost actually sold an item on Craig’s list!  I’m so proud of myself.  I only put large items that I don’t want to ship on there and it is such a relief to make room for new things in the store.  I don’t deal with furniture very much because I’m not a very strong person so I try to deal in miniatures or medium-sized things so when I sell a large piece I get very excited.  This chair was purchased at a garage sale.  It took hours to clean the cat hair off because it is velour and I kept in my livingroom for over a year because it is so comfortable.  But then I realized that blue was not my color (mine is cream and green) and lugged it out to the barn.  I did double the price on this one!  There was a lot of work and time involved in it from shipping it to my house, cleaning and lugging it to the barn.  Is it so terrible to try to break even?  I guess what is terrible is telling you that I doubled the price.  I know when someone offers to buy it they will try to talk me down in price because I am an antique dealer and I won’t even break even usually.  I wonder if these same people try to talk down a loaf of bread at the grocery store or their Doctor’s Appointment with the Doctor.  Sometime I’m going to figure this whole thing out.  Meanwhile, I’m going to just enjoy what I’m doing and the people I’m doing it with.


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