Having a Mystery Antique Shop or Not Knowing What the Heck an Item is

This morning a “regular” Buyer called to make sure I was here and came over to shop at Aussie-Magic Vintiques.  The main reason was that he had been here about a month ago and purchased a Bird “something” and looked closely at a metal hand-forged Bird Whistle.  The “something” was made of wire mesh and was in the shape of the shoulders and head of a bird.  The eyes were glass and the head was removable.  Neither of us had any idea of what it was for.  The confusion lay in the fact that I had put Bird “whatever” on the receipt and he thought he had purchased the whistle and not received it.  After we straightened that out (he is a very easy person to deal with) he went over to a low shelf that had several figurines and paperweights on it.  We’re starting to think that this is a mystery shop because there are so many items in it that we have no idea what they are or what they are used for.  After chatting and laughing he made some purchases and said he would be back next month.

This is the type of client that I like.  I look forward to chatting with him and picking his brains on what my unknown things are.  I give him great deals because I want to sell items and change my inventory and he shows his appreciation by coming back about once a month.  No hurry, no fuss – just a little chatting and story telling.  After he left I fluffed up the shop and filled the holes that he had made and cleaned up a portion of the last room.  I noticed that I had a bare mannequin that I really needed to put some clothes on because she looked quite chilly so perhaps the next time, if it isn’t cold, I’ll go out and do that.

When I got back in the house I did paperwork (mostly odds and ends) and STILL haven’t finished it so that I can do some logging in of inventory.  I did write to an auction house about three platters of aesthetic Movement brown transfer ware that matched but were of graduating size to see if they could be included in their upcoming Aesthetic Movement Pottery auction but I really should have been replying to my messages regarding the sofa and two chairs that I had placed on Craig’s list.  There is nothing like running a business to keep yourself busy all day.  I do need to learn though that I should take two days off a week for personal chores and some relaxation.  I’m beginning to think that you have to be very motivated to run a business because I know that if I didn’t work at least 12 hours a day that the shop would go under like so many other small businesses in this area.  Luckily, antiques cannot be purchased at Wal-Mart or any of the other big outlet stores and I’m not a stuffy dealer that only sells high-end furniture and paintings.  These are fun items and I love them all which is why my shop is called Aussie-Magic Vintiques.

Take care and have a pleasant evening!  Noodles.

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