Samylocks and the Three Bears

Oh, home again and back to work.  I even purchased many more items to be logged in and priced.  Since my huge “Sheriff Collins” desk is covered with so many things to be logged in and priced, I’ve delegated this past week’s items to the chair in front of the window.  Unfortunately, I can’t put anything on the floor because my puppy, Sam, who is in his terrible twos thinks that it is all for him.

I brought Sam with me to Maine.  I think I mentioned the ordeal of finding a place to stay with him on the first night.  The second night on was spent with another dog worshiper who isn’t quite as tolerant of dogs as I am.  He actually came home as a better dog although he is a bit more talkative now than he was.  The dog my friend has is the motherly type and when my friend and I would go out without the dogs we would shut the door and Sam would turn around and try to beat up Sophie as if it was her fault.  Mother Sophie would turn around and let him know that he wasn’t such hot sh_t after all.  Also, Sam learned that some cats have claws and is now much better to our cat, Cady, since he returned.  AND, he learned about the three bears at a rest stop.  These three bears were in front of the rest stop building and were made of some sort of plastic.  Baby bear was small and was placed mostly behind a bush.  Mama bear was larger and was sitting on her butt with her feet straight out so she looked more human than bear.  Papa bear was on all fours and his head was about the size of Sam.  Papa was looking down and forward.  Sam, of course, wanting to make his walk in the freezing cold as long as possible, was searching for the very best place on the entire grounds to impress every other canine that followed him.  This is hard for him and he has to concentrate because he needs to find a little hill with a bush or weeds to make him taller and more impressive.  Then he stands on his head to make his mark even higher.  As he just found his optimum (to him) place to go he looked up…right into Papa Bear’s eyes.  I’m so happy I had a choke collar on him along with his regular collar because he backed up so hard and fast that he would have slipped the collar.  While backing up, he was pretending to be brave and growling but he was absolutely petrified.  I tried talking to him and telling him it was no big deal and then picked him up while he was trying to jump from my arms and run, and walked over to Papa bear so that Sam could smell and see that Papa wasn’t real which helped a little but when I put him down he pulled me to the other side of the building, quick – did his job (right in the middle of where the two sidewalks met), looked at me and proceeded to pull me back to the car.

Other than that incident and stopping for gas two times the trip home was great and I made it in 8 hours.  It snowed quite a bit over the Berkshires but didn’t stick to the ground.  I couldn’t believe I made it home by 3pm.  Of course, my new phone still won’t hold a charge and Albany hasn’t sent my old one back but I didn’t need it and have decided to add phones and chargers to the inventory of Aussie-Magic Vintiques.

Even though I went for a terrible reason it was great to see most of my friends who, in 6 years, haven’t changed that much.  I’m actually thinking of going back in a month with the excuse of checking up on my friend again.  After all, it is obvious that Sam needs more socialization.  Unfortunately, I came home to a filthy house, one very sick dog and a message from the vet regarding the blood test I had done on the other so there was an immediate visit by my husband with the sick dog (45 minute drive) and Spider has to have more blood tests.

The fun part of the trip was also the Good Will and Salvation Army shopping.  I bought so many pairs of pants and shirts (most L.L. Beans) that I will probably start wearing regular clothes again instead of PJ bottoms to bowling.  Those stores are also bonanzas to pick up old things that have slipped by other dealers or have just been put on the shelves for virtually nothing so even when I double the price of them, another dealer can buy them and sell them at a profit.

My  girlfriend lives around Wiscassit where there are very many antique shops and flea markets on Route 1 for the tourists that take the scenic route up the coast.  I think if I could sell this house that I would be on my way back there to my friends and to my church.  My husband and I are actually thinking about it.  It would be nice to be closer to the ocean (I got used to it when living in California and Maine) again also.  So I dream on…

I came home to a rousing welcome from my family (not, because I didn’t tell them I was going).  Sometimes it is wonderful to be aged and an adult.

So, tomorrow it is “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work I Go”, settling down to my routine again, cleaning and logging things in so that I can get them off my desk!  Of course, I have to do year-end reports and start my taxes sometime.  BLAH!  Maybe I just will hide under the covers with the dogs on my water bed?


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