Veterinarians, antique knives, and Subarus

Some days you just gotta take a break, well, at least part of a break.  This morning I tackled my inbox again which mystically filled up to higher than after I worked on it yesterday.  I’m trying not to look at all the things on my desk and now also on my drop leaf table that I’ve purchased and need to log in or that I need to clean or repair.

I’m still reading my old knife book and have decided to buy a knife for myself.  There are 100’s of kinds to choose from so I think I’ll get one with a pen blade, a curved saber blade, a wood carver’s blade and maybe another blade like a skinning blade in case I’m stranded in the woods.  The handle can actually be made of anything as long as it fits my hand.  It would be nice to get one that will lock open and I love those ones that open with a spring.  I mean, why break your nails opening it?  I’d like to have it have a ring to attach a chain on to it and I don’t care what the shield looks like.  (Do I sound like a professional yet?)  Who knows?  I may have some good ones in my shop that I just didn’t know were good; which is why I’m reading the book.I would like to get a Remington but don’t know if they make them any more.  Does anyone out there know?  Actually, I’m enjoying the knives as much as my Staffordshire Comfort Dogs and my miniature dogs and my postcards and my linens.  I guess I’m a jackknife of all trades ;o)

Please someone save me from all this inventory!  Drop by at Aussie-Magic Antiques, 6150 Powers Rd., Wolcott, NY 14590; (315)594-1905;

After I looked and pushed around a lot of paper this morning my sister and I went to have a late breakfast.  I could eat breakfast all day.  She is pretty social and seems to know most of the people here and is kind enough to explain who they are and how I would remember them.  I really hate it when someone I graduated with comes up to me and says “guess who I am, Debbie!” and I have absolutely no idea.

Then we came back here and picked up my Rat Terrier, Spider for a trip to the Vet.  It was way to cold to leave her in the car when we ate.  I’m running out of Vets here in NY.  So far, I haven’t been thrilled with any of them.  I know that it is happening all over but I am tired of them thinking of money rather than the pet.  My first try was a Vet that my other sister used.  I liked him but his receptionist was obnoxious.  I’m not the type of person to give money to an obnoxious person (when they are working for me) so I complained to the Vet.  It happened again and I decided I would drive about 5 miles further to another Vet.  She worked out all right but insisted on shots that I didn’t want to have my dogs have and rather than aspirate a tumor (which was a fatty tumor) she insisted on surgery to remove it.  Then when Miss Marta, my Australian Terrier got ill we had to take her to the emergency clinic in Rochester and they said it was probably a pulled muscle in her neck and gave her pain pills and muscle relaxers.  They also caught on to the fact that she had Coccidiosis (which meant that there was a good chance all three of my dogs had them).  I called my regular Vet when she got in and repeated what the clinic said and asked her for some worm pills for all three.  Of course she said that she had to see them.  I was seriously unhappy that poor Miss Marta had to be stressed out more by packing her up and taking her to the Vet so the Vet could tell me she had a pulled muscle in her neck and also unhappy that I had to go in and prove that the other had Coccidiosis when there is a 90% chance that dogs that are together all have it.  So, there is a Vet that likes her money before she likes her patients.  Then I went to another that was about 40 minutes away and was not pleased with him at all.  No reason, just instinct.  SO, my Vet now is a Wellness Vet (which is a big plus) a woman (another plus) handles emergencies 24 hours a day (plus) does not insist on vaccination shots every year, recommends every three years, and just says fine when I say “none please”.   In fact, she actually believes that I know my dogs better than she does.  I just don’t have the equipment to treat them.  Now I even can’t give my dogs their shots because the Vets lobbied and you can buy only a minimum of 12 or something like that.  But anyway,  I got Spider right in.  She has a lump which I was sure was a fatty tumor but I needed to make sure, it was time for her three-year rabies (state insists before granting a license), a “geriatric” (geeze I hate that word) blood panel which I insisted on.  She did an aspiration on the lump (which the vet before should have done), it was a fatty tumor and other than Spider not being willing to bend her legs on the table, everything went fine.  Spider is one of those canines that has great teeth and even though she is 10, she has never had to have them cleaned.  I think it is because we give them raw beef bones from the butcher several times a week.  (WARNING:  DON’T give them those small round bones.  My Borzoi slipped one over her lower jaw past her teeth and we had to take her in to have a Vet use a bone saw to get it off :o(  At my new Vet, the receptionists were extremely warm and friendly, the vet was only about 15 minutes late in seeing us and the place was clean and not crowded.  When it was time to pay, one of them told me that the Vet wanted to see Spider again in 6 months.  I said “no” because I know when my dogs need to see a vet.  It may be before that, it may be after.  Then she gave me the bill of $218.  YOUCH!  At which time I told her that was the reason that I didn’t come in every 6 months.  Meanwhile the other receptionist was talking this other client into using Hills Science Diet.  The lady asked if she could get it somewhere closer and the receptionist said no.  I plugged my ears and left.  I cant’ keep making enemies every where I go.  You can get Hills Science Diet at any Vets because the Vets get part of the proceeds from selling it.  In fact, they get paid to sell it.  It was one of the brands that was recalled with the melamine in it from China.  It’s expensive and gives my dogs horrible dandruff which is a “no-no” when you are showing them.  I, personally, love Wysong.  You can google it directly through the company or find a retailer closer to you.  It isn’t cheap but it is great and I don’t think it is much more than Hills.  I also use it for my cat who has a urinary problem.

On the way home we stopped at the liqueur store whose owner was bemoaning the fact that he has his first theft of merchandise.  The thief put a bottle up his sleeve!  The owner said he just called the sheriff because he didn’t want to confront the guy.  I don’t blame him at all.  He said he wouldn’t have caught him except for the fact that he had cameras.  Until I became one, I never realized what a hard time Store Keepers had to make ends meet.  All the odds are stacked against them.  I have a small business permit and New York Tax Department just notified me that small businesses have to renew their permits now every year.  Only  $50!  But the money isn’t the hard part.  Dealers come in and buy things from you and if they let you see a copy of their permit and sign a paper saying what they sell, etc. then you can let them buy without paying taxes if you sell it to a person in New York State.  Since you can’t take a copy  of the permit because it’s illegal, we have forms that they fill out, sign and date and we keep them on file.  Sometimes it is awkward to get these numbers and information the first time around.  The second time they say “use the old one” but you can’t because they now have to prove that they have had them renewed.   Also, having had a dog kennel and boarding small business in Maine, I can see why people are disgusted in NY.  A tax form that takes 2 pages in Maine is a 5 pager in New York.  So, “lets help out the small businesses!”  Right!

Then it was to an antique co-op that I don’t stop at very often and I remembered why.  I did purchase a Native American Beaded pin (which they didn’t know that was what it was) and some fur stretchers (I have to look that up) that had lovely designs on them.  I plan to use them as fan blades on my ceiling fans because the ones we have just plain don’t match any of my antiques.  I think I can trace the old ones and learn to use a jigsaw and have my husband put them on.  I hope.  That was all that I would buy.  I asked if they had a Dealer discount and they said “yes, on individual items that are over $10 you may have 10% off”; it didn’t matter if your total was $2,000.  The items that you get discounts on had to be over $10.  Now I hate to call anyone stupid but I really think that they aren’t using their heads.  I know I’m new at this but I give a 20% discount on any total over $1 to any dealers that fill out my permit form (as above).  I get a LOT of business from dealers.  They buy a lot at one time to make it worthwhile to come to Wolcott, I get rid of old inventory, and if I have marked things up even 30% I’m getting rid of inventory and not losing money.  I know enough that I have to move my things in order to draw in new clients and to keep them coming back.  I know I would have purchased more had I received a 20% discount.  Well, they get to look at those pretty things a while longer which is maybe what they want.

After this it was head home and drop off some paperwork at my Niece’s.  Well seeing as they have a very sharp hill down to the creek and then back up a sharp hill, it was very exciting with my sister telling me to put it into 4 wheel drive but I had all wheel drive so that was no good.  But the Subaru was wonderful.  It’s a VERY nice car for the winter snows and ice.  Spider and I are now home safe, sound and exhausted.  If you have any advice or comments on my fans, please let me know.  In fact, just drop me a line to say that you hate my column, don’t give a hoot about my column or can’t live without my column.

As my friend Boyce used to say when he left, “noodles”!



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