Posting Things on Cyberworld and the Acrobatics Involved

A mostly uneventful day is always appreciated.   As usual, I have been trying to take care of that silly wire basked of paperwork that I have but as usual I have just reached the point where it was yesterday when I stopped.  I’m wondering if there is a subconscious stopping here because where I stop is always right at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance renewal of my sales tax Certificate of Authority.  I did go out to the shop because I had some furniture listed on Craigslist and some people wrote and wanted more pictures and some measurements which is quite acceptable.

After going out to the barn I realized it was colder than it looked!  The ground was frozen with slush on it which made it a trick to get out there and when I entered the shop I thought I would do just a bit of fluffing up (arranging) as long as I had made it safely out there so, I actually finished the kitchen area which had been so disrupted when I purchased the display cabinet for my antique utensils.  Now my gate-leg table is set with the blue bubblewear and old horn, bone and bakelite silverware, etc.  Nothing broke.  I was a bit afraid that touching it when it was so cold would crack it but, I suppose it was because I had gloves on and the glass temperature didn’t change so much.  It’s very hard to get a shipment of glass and to leave the box closed until everything reaches room temperature to take it out to look at it.  I’m somewhat of an instant gratification person like my older sister.

I then emptied off the dresser and vanity that someone wanted additional pictures on and took several pictures to send them.  I probably should have waxed it but it was rootin’ tootin’ cold out there and even with gloves it was getting harder to feel my fingers, much less to find the buttons on the camera.  So, it was time to do the same with the brocade sofa.  I turned around to go to it and I noticed all this white stuff on it!  Danged if the snow hadn’t come through the cracks of the barn door and made miniature snowbanks all over it.  After sweeping it off I knew that the wet would show and although I also knew it would not be ruined, I knew it would look like stains.  So I turned the cushions over and removed the wet arm cover and proceeded to take some pictures.  In five minutes I realized that probably the best pictures would have been of me standing on things, lying on the floor, climbing under tables and pulling and hauling it to the middle of the room to capture the back part.   After finishing I decided to clean up tomorrow and backed up and knocked my mission mirror over and broke off some coat hooks.  I thought maybe I should be done for the day so I turned off all the lights, carried everything to the house, slipping all the way, then went to get the mail, slipping all the way and back to the house, slipping all the way.

Putting things on cyberworld is actually harder than having someone come over and look at the thing, sit on it and then decide to like it or not like it.  Actually for large items it is quite a bit of work.  After the pictures have been taken I have to upload them onto the computer, find them, rename them (because they just have numbers) and then edit them by cropping, etc.  That is a lot to do with 25 photographs.  Then I had to reply to three sofa questions and one vanity set by giving them the measurements, finding the photographs and attaching them all to the letters and sending them out.  After this I wait to hear if the people even were interested in the first place.  If so, we have to make an appointment.  But, it makes it so worth it if someone likes it well enough to buy it.  I don’t understand these people who post one (or no) picture that is fuzzy and don’t give a good description.  The time they took to post the item has been wasted because (at least with me) I don’t even look at it due to the fact that there are so many other, well done items to look at.

So, now I’ve finished and can erase my camera and file my pictures on the computer.  I don’t suppose that you could sell things very well online if you don’t have a fast connection.  I’m lucky in that my husband is a computer analyst and my computer is connected to his and he has a landline and I am fast, fast, fast.  It only took me one day to do all that. :o)

I am going to TRY to do that renewal now.  Noodles :oD

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