Roller Skating in the Dining Room

All quiet on the home front here.  Mainly it’s quiet because it is snowing very hard and snow does tend to muffle sound.  Speaking of which, we just had ceramic laid in our kitchen and dining room because we have three terriers and we have a policy of “no rugs allowed”.  The dining room now echoes when you go in there and I keep putting more and more things in there to give it a warmer feeling.  Now, mind you, I don’t think I have ever had a new piece of furniture.  I love old, used things that are individual.  That room has mirrors on all the walls, small mirrors, large mirrors, white-painted framed mirrors, gilt mirrors, etched mirrors, beveled mirrors all in different shapes and conditions.  This was because the room had only a sliding door and no windows for light so the mirrors made the room seem bigger and brighter which I love.  However, I HATE the echo.  So, I decided to experiment with the things I put in it.  I would put in a piece of furniture and then shout “hello” and if it echoed I figured I wasn’t done yet.  If I lived in a city close to someone I suppose they would have concluded that I had a loud parrot living here.  So, the ceramic has been laid, the upper half of the walls are painted white with a tinge of tan, and the lower half is paneled.  The upper half has mirrors with Icart prints (they must have Borzois in them) interspersed in them.

First comes the dining room table.  I spent years finding this table  because I got the chairs first and they were dark oak.  Golden oak is everywhere but not the dark oak so now I realized why they were in my price range at Brimfield.  However the table is beautiful.  It is square and has 6 leaves that slide into the top of the table when you open a little door so that they can be stored.  This is not a small table unless you put it into my diningroom.  After inserting three leaves, the table looked a little better there.  Add the 6 chairs which are dark stained cane on their backs and a dark turquoise velour upholstery on the seats.  For the first time, they all fit under the table (except the master chair arms) even with the large circular pedestal under the table.  However, it still echoes so by trial and error I now have an enclosed fireplace, a 1930’s cream and green Glenwood stove, a primitive wooden chair, a very large primitive hutch (cream and green of course) which holds my white ironstone dishes and my white linens, a very large, primitive hanging cupboard with glass front with a cream and green cottage style dresser under it, the large sliding door with drapes, a commode with a wonderful bird lamp with a fringed shade, a sea captains desk, a huge buffet with a mirror that my husband inherited, a round fringed hassock and a large, dark bookcase with a mirror and 6 shelves full of my genealogy and area history reference books.  After the last “hello” it still echoes.

So, I throw a cream and green comforter (another item inherited from my husband’s family) over the dining room table and it still echos and I realize that after I put the furniture in the room I STILL have enough room to put on my skates and use the room as a roller skating rink.  What happened to my cozy little farmhouse?  Thinking about it, I realize that by putting down the ceramic it was like Alice in Wonderland and the room had stretched.  I knew I hadn’t shrunk.  I could never be that lucky so it HAD to be the room.  Oh well, I entertained my daughter and her husband for dinner and with the fireplace going it really wasn’t that bad.  No one had to ask anyone else to repeat themselves because they couldn’t hear someone.  The dogs slept in front of the fire on a throw rug  (Those are OK because you can just dump them in the washer) – the rugs, not the dogs and all was right in the world again.

I guess a house is just cold until you light a fire and put some people and dogs in it :o)  Stay warm and cozy!

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