Buying in Horse Country

Today, being another no-snow January day, I ventured off to pick up some glassware that I had purchased about 10 miles away.  I don’t like to drive when there is something between my tires and the road but this has been a most unusual winter.  I really hate to let Mr. Gore know that I am enjoying this global warming business.  For tomorrow I’m down on my knees praying for a huge snow storm because I’m scheduled for three cavity fillings at 10:00 a.m. and I hate going to the Dentist.  Getting off the subject, all this hate for Dentists started when my Mother decided to take us girls to a local Dentist that was learning how to straighten teeth because he was giving her a deal.  That jerk pulled seven of my permanent teeth and all of them were pulled the same way.  He would sneak up behind me with the needle and stab me.  I’m very happy to think that he also hates me because of the teeth bite scars on his hands.  Thinking about it now – I wonder if that’s why he was pulling all my teeth?

Back to current times, it was actually a nice drive into unknown territory.  I was planning on stopping off at the Auction Barn to pick up a check but they were closed.  They are probably resting up after a very big New Year’s sale.  The countryside that I was traveling was full of horse farms and even though they were all muddy, it’s always nice to look at horses.  This is a pretty depressed area though and the rest of the homes were not quite as nice as the large horse farms.  A lot of the horses were thoroughbreds because we’re within an hour of the Fingerlakes Race Track.  I only had to turn around once to find where I was going and would not have found it if the woman that I was visiting had not told me that she had large “massage” signs at the end of the driveway.  I think that the wind and rain has worn off any numbers that were on the postal boxes.  Who needs house numbers anyway?  Usually directions around here consist of “well, I’m right across from such and such’s place”  or I’m the second brown house on the left” or “I live where so and so used to live” and when you miss and hit the end of the road you just turn around and count backwards.  There is something to be said about country living.

Like a good Seller, she had put her Rottie in the back yard and the Corgi was pretty mellow so I didn’t even have a problem getting up to the trailer!  She met me at the door with my items and asked if I wanted to see more.  These I had found on the Facebook WCNY.Antique Attic boards.  She said she didn’t know much about antiques and was selling these for her mother.  Another Bingo!  No one had even been through them yet!  And then another Bingo was that she would ask me if I knew anything about each item and I could honestly say that I didn’t.  I did recognize a pretty hobnail ribbon fan vase that I think was Fenton which I told her but the rest was pretty much a gamble on pricing between her and I.  We made our deal, were both happy, chatted for quite a while and off I went.  Then I realized that I had never paid for my initial two items and that she was a lot like me.  I had the money folded, she took it that way and never counted it because it would look like she didn’t trust me.  Just like me!  So, when I got home I shot her an email telling her that I would mail the money to her.  She will learn that lesson I fear.  Always have the Payer count out the money into the Payee’s hand.  Ms M and I have this thing going about $20.00 bills.  Seems like we always underpay or overpay that amount.  Either way, I am learning to stop, take a deep breath, don’t talk and count those bills slowly because I’m either shorted or the other person is shorted and it makes the one person look like they did it on purpose and once they are gone there is really nothing you can do unless you have lots of chutzpah (which I do not)!

The rest of this day I actually got some paperwork done although you still cannot see me when you look into the office because of all the things on my desk.  I save the fun part of logging in new things for a reward when I get the ugly things like paying the bills done.  A little OCD here…that and the fact that if anyone is ever going to get audited it is bound to be me.  And, that’s another story altogether.

So, goodnight after a pretty good day with one more person and dog friend made.

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