Display your Goods Right

What a beautiful day it was here in Wolcott.  I sort of feel guilty about enjoying the climate warming but last year was so very, very horrible.  After totalling my car the year before that, with all the snow last year I was basically a mole and never went out of the house.  Someone came to visit me and said that I should really get out more so I asked her what she meant.  She said she could see only one set of tiny footprints going from the house to the barn!  This year there is no evidence because there is no snow.  I adore it!

The people who came yesterday came back to see some of the things that they were interested in.  Since the barn is cold they do it in spurts.  When they get too cold they come back and look again.  I have to admit that there is a lot to look at.  I love “bling” and I have four cases of vintage and antique jewelry.  Then there are two cases of military medals from the civil war and WWI and knives and padlocks and men’s things.  All very cold items for bare fingers and if you keep your gloves on you end up being so awkward that it’s like playing dominoes with them.  The little miniatures are the same way and the glass, of course, you don’t want to touch at all unless you have gloves on.  If you purchase glass you should make sure to let it warm to your house temperature before you touch it so that it doesn’t crack or break.  I guess yesterday when they bought a very large vase of marigold carnival glass that had a hairline crack on one side that when they took it home they handled it too soon and the crack went all around the vase.  Luckily it is just a hairline but they can’t use it for flowers.  I have to say though that I had marked the tag accordingly.

This gentleman and I seem to have the same taste.  He really liked the Civil War horse bridle rosettes and the rosettes that had glass covered dogs and horses on them.  I have a brooch that is made the same way only with two circles attached together.  One circle has a glass covered golfer and the other a horse.  It is unique because it is not glass covered paper but is glass covered celluloid/metal/whatever.  Now I just have to find someone who likes golf and horses.  I suppose you could combine the ideas and it would be good if you like polo.  Do let me know at http://www.shabbypoyye.com  if you are interested in seeing pictures of any of my things.  It would be much warmer than coming over and handling metal and glass with bare fingers.  Burrrrr.

The nice thing about people coming to shop is that while they are there I get to pick up and sort items in the store.  I actually have an incentive to clean out the isles and find places for new things.  A lot of the work that I did today was to move boxes upstairs that I had out for the auction and yard sale and to file all my acquisitions of postcards.  Postcards are very hard to file.  For instance if you have a picture of Canadian Mounties where do you file them?  Under Canada or under horses or under Canadian Mounties?  Usually I file under greeting cards: Christmas, Easter, etc. Then another box for New York State under counties.  For Wayne county, which is where I am, I file under town.  Then for the United States I, of course, file under state.  (New York is included in this box and then divided into counties.  Then Wayne into towns).  Then there are the boxes of overseas and foreign countries.  This is interesting because so many country names have changed so which do you file under?  A lot of people want World’s Fair items but since I file under location they must know where the Expositions were.  I also have to try to remember this filing system because when people come in and ask, I feel really stupid when I have to run over and find them myself.

Anyway, I got the whole first room cleaned up.  I can reach the cash drawer now without stepping over ladders, stepstools, boxes and packing materials and people can do the circle without having to step over things that aren’t even for sale by me and are certainly not in their correct places.  Tomorrow, if it is again warm I will tackle the living room area, the salt and peppers, the oriental china and the office, books and maps area and the kitchen area.  I think that the kitchen area will be the most difficult because I just purchased a second-hand wooden shelf unit that held candles to hold all my utensils such as the cream and green hand mixers, etc.  Since I just put that unit in today, it meant that I had to move out everything that was in the corner where I was going to put it so now you can’t even get into the kitchen area.  This is what happens when I buy or sell a big piece of furniture.  Perhaps it will still be warm three days from now and I can get to the bedrooms that have all the clothing in the wardrobes, the quilts, the toys and the bedroom furniture.  I purchased a dressmakers model at an auction this winter and then found a head made of straw and have some shoe lasts and I can’t wait to dress her in vintage clothing such as bloomers and poodle coats :o)  This summer I’m going to take her up in the top of the barn and place her on a rocking chair in front of the large floor to ceiling door, get a grey wig with a bun for her and some knitting needles and then point a light at her so when people drive in they will think she is the mother of Norman Bates rocking in the window upstairs in the movie Psycho.

Anyway, I stayed out there from about 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (when the dogs need feeding or they try to commit suicide).  I wasn’t frozen when I came in but I had nice rosy cheeks and actually felt like I had accomplished something.  And, I made some money!  Well, I did until I figure out what I paid for the items that I sold.  LOL!

So, keep hoping for nice weather and perhaps I can finish the second room.  Do come over and help me.  It’s lots of fun!

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