You Don’t Have a Job

I think one of the things that bothers me a lot is when a friend/neighbor/family member asks me if I want to go out to lunch or go shopping or ride with them to such and such a place and I answer that I can’t because I have too much to do.  Then, they reply “well, what do you have to do?  You don’t have a job”.  Or, someone will tell me they wish they had my job because I don’t have to go to work.  I find it so difficult to respond to them and I even wonder why I should care to justify myself.

It’s true, I love my job and not very many people can say that.  I like being around antiques, wondering where they came from or what they have gone through and feel badly if something can’t be re-purposed or is melted down for its metal content value.

It’s true, I don’t have to go far to get to my principal place of business which is in my side yard,  unless you count the mileage traveling to someone’s home to find that the article you were interested isn’t what you wanted at all or traveling to an auction while hauling a trailer to sit several hours while everything is being sold way beyond your means or you know that if you buy, you can never resell at a profit.

It’s true, I can keep my own hours because I work 24 hours a day.  If it’s 20 degrees below 0 and someone calls to view the shop, out I go because I don’t get paid regularly and only get paid in accordance to how hard I work.  When not out being nice to people so that they are happy to come back I am at my computer logging in merchandise, logging out merchandise, balancing books, doing tax returns or repairing broken items.

It’s true, it really isn’t like a real job because I don’t get sick pay or unemployment during the slow times or disability if I hurt my back moving something.  Nor do I get a paid vacation.  In fact, if I DO take a vacation, I usually visit places where I can purchase merchandise and I have to close the store which means I, again, am not making money but spending it.

It’s true, my employer is the best employer in the world and she sends me to school (meaning to the computer and the book store to look up glassware, types of quilts, etc) whenever I want.

It’s also true that I don’t have to deal with vicious office politics.  I only have to deal with people interrupting me because I don’t have a job, laundry, dishes and yard work.  And, it’s true that I don’t have to pay rent on my barn (only the mortgage payments) and even people who say I don’t have a job expect to get a discount on my merchandise because they are my friends/neighbors/family members.

It’s true, I’m not going to get laid off without knowing way ahead of time and I’ll never get fired so it’s a balancing act I suppose.  Luckily, I have another source of income from my husband because I cannot imagine how a business could be started up without that other source!

So, I love my not-job.  And, I should just smile when other people say I don’t have a job because we all know that they are just jealous and would give their eye teeth to be doing all the great things that I do all day and not have to be looking at the clock because I know I’ll be doing those great things much later than they work at their non-jobs.  Tally Ho!!

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