Having fun at an Antique’s Auction

Just getting back from the Village Auction’s great New Year’s Day and the Day after New Year’s Day annual auction and I feel like I’ve been through a wringer washer.  I’m usually like this when I mingle in crowds.  My husband and I got there only about one half hour before the auction and left before it was over because we were so tired and I was out of money.  Thinking about it now, these are the things that I have to remember for next year.

  1. Always remember to sign up for reserved seats several weeks ahead.  There is nothing more frustrating than standing around while there are empty reserved seats for people who don’t show.  I DID remember this year.
  2. Get there earlier so that you can squeeze through the people who are chatting in the aisles so that you can examine the merchandise and never bid on anything that you have not examined beforehand or you will end up with something that has a hairline crack, a missing wheel or a missing part.  Yep, I’ve done them all and I get SO mad at myself.  It sure looks good when they are holding it up and it is going so cheap!  Gee, duh, I wonder why?
  3. Bring a box.  Even though you don’t use it for carrying things that you bring home, it is very important to have so that you can put it upside down in front of you, lean back and put your feet up.  The thing you want to bid on will probably be the last thing they bring up and the thing that you brought to sell will probably be the one before the last thing.  I forgot my box.
  4. If you are a good Seller (which I’m too shy to be) you should spend a good hour standing in the back with the dealers and catching all the gossip.  If you are in the back you can see who buys what and then you know their tastes when they come into your shop.  (I like to sit in the front so that I can see the item and can bid without feeling badly because I’m bidding against my best friend.  “I’m innocent!  I didn’t know it was you!”
  5. When you are looking at the items and you have your number card in your hand and then move it to your mouth so that you can pick the item up, do NOT forget and lay it down because your mouth gets dry.  If you do, you will get shoved away from your item, get angry at the shoving person and forget about the card until you sit down and realize that someone else is bidding with your number.  Not good.  Then you have to run up to the counter and explain what happened and the bidder gets angry and says it was his, and the entire auction quiets down so they can listen.  Yes, I did that, too.
  6. When you buy a BIG piece be sure you have someone there to help you get it out and get it into the car.  My husband is always astounded when things fit into my Subaru Forester.  He is such a negative person that he moans for the rest of the auction that it isn’t going to fit into the car.  I’m only 5’2″ so if I groan a lot and keep putting down my side of the piece that my husband is helping to carry that usually some macho man will come over and save me…or…at least open the door for me.
  7. Do not spend more money than you have in your bank account.  Yes, your partner will be angry that you had to empty the savings that was for the cruise even though you remind them that since you have a store you can’t leave the store for a cruise anyway.  However, it is a real hassle to try to figure out which account or accounts to take it out of.
  8. When you buy things – buy lots of boxes of miniatures.  I love them.  I spend days going through them and oooohing and ahhhhing over them.  Things like old coins, political buttons, cracker jack toys, milk bottle tops.  You just never know what you are going to get.  Neither does the Seller because when the crowds get to looking in the boxes they mix all of the stuff and put them back into the wrong box.  Watch those people who take out all the stuff they want from a box and put it into another.  Make sure that you bid for that box because all the good stuff is in it. ;O)
  9. When you bid, make sure that you are bidding on the thing that they are pointing at.  I once got a really ugly dresser because I thought they were bidding on a golden oak desk.  I wondered why I got it so cheap!  This time I bid on the wrong box of miniatures so that I had to bid again on the right one and I can’t figure out what I’ m going to do with the silly things that were in the first box.
  10. If you park out in the middle of a muddy field make sure that you have your rubber boots because it’s a wonderful “wake up” feeling to walk through a field with just moccasins on.
  11. Have fun and come home with at least ONE goody.  Otherwise, what’s the sence in going?

It’s been nice rambling at you!

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