Recycle Your Christmas Cards The Right Way

The rush seems to be over for the year so I have time to look out of my office window and see my antique/vintage shop “Aussie Magic Vintiques” getting buried in the snow.  With no heat in that building my advertisement states that I am open but that you need to wear a coat!  So, I’m sluffing around the house and decided to tackle my in-box.  At the top were my Christmas Cards.  I don’t send a Christmas letter but I do send answers to all of the letters received in the cards.  I also, for years, have been thinking that somewhere, someone could use these pretty sparkly things for their art projects.  After all morning going through sites that the search engine found under “recycle greeting cards”, I finally found one that was a recent posting (2011)  that seemed appropriate.  So, I’ve sent the cards off to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Attn: Recycled Card Program, 100 St. Jude’s Street, P.O. Box 60100, Boulder City, NV 89006-0100.  It seems that most local schools, churches, homes in my area are not accepting them.  St. Jude’s Ranch for Children uses them in their program in which the kids reuse any greeting card to build entrepreneurship skills and sell them to raise money for the organization.  The children reuse the cards and make new cards from old, the purchasers are contributing to a good cause and both are “going green”.  Their instructions are 1) find eligible cards (not just Christmas) of any size and shape.  There must be no writing on the back of the frontispiece.  2) remove the backs of the cards, saving only the fronts, and put the backs into your newspaper recycle pile.  The fronts are to be mailed between November 15 to February 28 which allows you to start a collection for the following year.  Since I’m out in the sticks I just put them in a larger envelope, address it, weigh it, go to the USPS website to get the correct postage and walk it out to the box.  All done.  Mission accomplished.

As for the cards that I send to my friends and family, I only send cards made before 1960.  If they are used cards I sign them, put an “and” before the original signature such as Debbie and Mrs. Marble,  Keeps people wondering.  I get my cards from thrift shops, antique stores, auctions, garage sales, etc.  I collect them all year.  Of course, the ones that I think I can sell for a profit are taken out to the shop with big hopes of getting rich.  I’m still hoping but I’ve received several complements and thank yous for the unique cards.  I have been saving boxes of cards forever.  If you wish to see what I have, I’ll be glad to send pictures, descriptions and prices.

Happy Recycling!

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